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Every major breakthrough that has happened over the past 20 years has been the result of digital transformation. With the advent of computers, and more importantly, the internet, technology, innovation, and growth has been skyrocketing across every industry.

All business innovation is based on new digital principles and technology, from smartphones in people’s pockets to big data. We are far away from the industrial revolution and fully in the midst of the information age.

Want to see how far our society has come in the past few decades? Below are some digital transformation examples.

If you are unaware of just how massive these technological advancements are, just remember, the planet is changing far faster than it ever has in the past. And this rate of change will only continue multiplying.

Keep reading to learn about 10 major transformation examples and why they matter, to get a better grip on where the future is headed.

1. Uber and Lyft

In the past, when people needed a ride from point A to Point B, what did they do? If they were in a major city, they would stand halfway into the road and wave their hands at passing taxi cabs.

Others would hop onto a bus or subway, sitting in a small metal tube surrounded by tons of other people. But today, what do people in this situation do?

They open an app on their smartphone, move their thumb around, and a car magically appears just a few minutes later to drive them to their destination.

Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft have leveraged technology, in the form of a smartphone that most people in the developed world have. Now, you can organize a private or shared ride anywhere at any time. This is the digital transformation of personal transportation.

And the technology used by rideshare drivers is phenomenal a well, helping drivers find the fastest routes in real-time, saving everyone loads of time. It also processes seamless transactions, as no cash or physical credit cards are needed.

2. Amazon

Amazon came onto the scene as soon as people started realizing that buying goods online and having them shipped to your door, was way more convenient than going to the store.

Rather than letting individual companies sell and ship products to companies directly, Amazon chose to become the ultimate middleman.

They use a massive technological infrastructure to receive products from businesses, store millions of products in warehouses across the country, and allow customers to buy from as many different brands as they want, all at one time.

And they only have to place one order. And most people don’t even need to pay shipping as Prime members.

3. UPS

Delivery companies have been in style for decades. But without the proper technology in place, delivery drivers were kind of left on their own.

However, drivers aren’t always able to choose the fastest routes. Because of this, they can’t deliver as many packages in a single day, plus they waste tons of fuel.

So UPS developed their ORION fleet management system. This machine learning piece of software automatically develops the best routes based on lots of data. The app saves the company millions of dollars in wasted time, and millions of gallons of fuel each year.

And it helps them deliver more packages to impatient customers faster.

4. Netflix

Netflix launched as a DVD rental company. Back then, DVDs were still in demand, so you can rent one or two DVDs at any given time, and wait for them to arrive in the mail.

But of course, a digital transformation occurred pretty early on when Netflix developed into an online streaming platform, helping millions of people move away from expensive cable TV packages.

5. Capital One

Capital One is a bank that operates completely online. No physical branches, no ATMs, no hassle, just a digital presence, and an easy-to-use app and website.

In an age where people want to manage their lives from their smartphones, Capital One built a widely successful company by getting rid of the physical and focusing completely on the digital.

6. Dominos Pizza

One of the most frustrating aspects of ordering pizza is wondering when it will arrive. Well, when you order from Dominoes, you no longer need to wonder. You can simply view the location of your pizza on the app, so you know exactly when it will arrive.

7. Dropbox

Digital storage is important, as is sending digital files. But sometimes, you need to spend far more files than can fit into an email. With software-as-a-service companies like dropbox, you can load folders up onto dropbox, and share those files with anyone in the world, who can then download them as needed.

The term “as a service” has been bouncing around in many industries lately. Not only is software as a service (SaaS) a growing industry, but energy as a service, insurance as a service, and many others are also on the rise in the age of easy-to-manage subscription services.

8. McDonald’s

McDonald’s already serves its customer very fast. But they want to be the fastest, in an attempt to provide the best possible customer experience.

As a result, they are always implementing new technology to change the customer experience, making it better each step of the way, such as automated ordering kiosks and interactive menus.

9. Walmart

Only recently did Walmart decide to challenge Amazon as the leading contender of the online marketplace, where you can buy anything and everything from one online store.

But with Walmart being the world’s largest company, it was only natural for them to prioritize this business vertical. Doing this requires a total transformation of the company, which is why they invested billions into their digital transition strategy.

10. Tesla

Innovative technology is at the core of everything that Tesla does, from solar panels to sportscars. They’ve not only changed how cars are built, from the ground up, but they’ve changed how car manufacturers should operate, which is leading to their insane success in just a few short years.

Countless Digital Transformation Examples

There are countless digital transformation examples that are just as interesting as all of the ones listed above. In fact, if you are currently in business and you don’t embrace a digital transformation on a regular basis, you are bound to go out of business.

If you don’t change the way you do things, to keep up with society’s ever-changing demands, you’ll become irrelevant very fast. So lean into the transformation that technology brings, and ask how you can better serve your customers, just like these companies did.

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