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9 Best Tips to Score Good Marks Without Studying

Exams! Get ready to thrive it with less preparation

So amidst the entire festive flavour that the month is experiencing, we have another celebratory event to join it; but this is a dreadful one… The exam season! And especially when you are not prepared, you try all crazy antics to sort this problem. Some call up friends just to console yourself that they are not alone, some panic but very few actually make an attempt to open their books.

Well, if you have been late for some genuine or even a lazy excuse, here are the

Tips to Prepare for Exam With Less Time to Prepare

1. Get Battle Ready:

You got to pull up your socks because you know the load is heavy. Give a pause to your distractions for a while. Mute your cell-phone when studying. You don’t get another chance with your Grades! You have to buckle-up as at least at the last moment you have to give 100% of your efforts. Because if not, then how are you supposed to pass the exams?

2. Compile All Notes:

Check up the syllabus and make sure you have all the necessary books and materials to get going. Nothing can be more frustrating than not being able to find resources on the D-day. This needs to be done ASAP, because without material what will you do at the last moment. Develop an early reading habit so that you don’t face any pressure to read during exams.

3. Prioritize Your Work:

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When you have very little time to study, it is important to schedule time & dates for respective subjects according to your strengths, weaknesses and the length & depth of the course content. Some people need more time to grasp theory subjects. Understand your needs. You don’t need to study everything, actually, you cannot study everything at the time of the exam as you need to consume a lot of content in a very little time period.

So you need to divide your time into proper proportion in order to cover your syllabus. You know your strengths and weaknesses, so you cannot waste time at the end moment to read chapters that you don’t know or weak at. Study things that you have avg knowledge of and then your strengths and if time permits then the weak subject.

4. Find a Student-Mentor:

There is always one person in your group who is pretty much prepared for the exam than you are. Ask this person for some help. Genuine people would not decline to your request. This can help you get sorted with lot of your concepts. Have the basic courtesy to appreciate his/her efforts. But do not hog your friend’s time too much, as he would not help you the next time you need him. No one would want there result to get affected just because they were helping you.

You can even take the help of applications or websites available to help you in studies like Photomath.

5. Important Questions:

Some people or even your student-mentor would know the probable questions and important areas to focus for the exam. Don’t mess with their intuitions. Some people have this ability within them. Study only important areas, because you don’t have time to finish off your syllabus completely.

6. Don’t Forget to Eat & Sleep:

Eating and sleeping during exams are also important even though you want to score good marks in exams without studying, you have to give yourself some rest so that the brain can function properly during the exams otherwise the brain will go into overdrive. Don’t skip meals during exams as an empty stomach will only not let you concentrate on your studies and also you will have lesser energy to actually study.

Get Tips on How to Start Eating Healthy.

7. Memory Training:

Use mnemonics and other memory techniques to quickly grasp onto the material you study. The least you can do before the exams and way before preparing is to actually pay attention in the classes. You will easily learn most of the things in the class itself. So by paying attention in the class, it will help you in exams to score good marks without studying. Learn the head points of the answers, you will certainly be able to write a detailed answer if you paid attention in the class.

8. Practice, Practice & Practice:

Look up to last year’s exam papers. Practice more questions. There is never any shortcut to hard work. If you plan to stay up all night, substitute regular bouts of cold water instead of caffeine intake. Keeps you active for long & is healthy too.

9. Stay Calm During Exams:

This is the most important part for everyone. Doesn’t matter if you have studied for the exam or not, you will not perform well in exams if you don’t stay calm during the exams. Staying calm lets the mind function accurately, making it tensed will only lead to your demise. Also, remember to study from the beginning next time!

Get Tips on Avoiding Stress

Well, obviously you need to give some effort if you want to ace your exams. Here you’re ready to rock in the exams.

Time to rush I guess, exams are awaiting you!

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