Best Leaflet Distribution In London You’ll Ever Find Best Leaflet Distribution In London You’ll Ever Find

The Best Leaflet Distribution In London You’ll Ever Find

Leaflet delivery is a very popular way, used by many businesses and event holders, to send out promotional events or messages to the public with ease.

This way, clients that request services such as these can focus on the campaign the leaflet is for, whilst the leaflet distribution agency in London can focus on the leaflets being handed out or delivered.

If leaflet distribution agencies in London, such as The Private Postman, are something that you are interested in and would like to know more about, continue reading this article.

Is It Illegal To Distribute Leaflets In London?

A big question that a lot of people ask is whether it’s illegal or not to distribute leaflets in London. This is because some people do complain about receiving leaflets in their letterbox or generally just being annoyed by them, as they’re not relevant to their situation or interests.

As long as you have a registered and official license, then distributing leaflets is 100% legal. If you were to not have a license and were to distribute leaflets in any way, including handouts, letter box deliveries, and door-to-door deliveries, then your fixed penalty or fine will be from £150 to £2,500, alongside a criminal record.

This also applies if you were distributing leaflets and broke any of the rules listed in your license, with the possibility of your printed materials being taken away until the end of any legal proceedings that might occur.

So, as long as you follow all the rules, do all the right things, and have an official, registered license, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to distributing leaflets!

Benefits Of Leaflet Distribution In London

We all know why you and anyone else is here, looking at this article. You all want to know the benefits of leaflet distribution in London, like with The Private Postman, correct? Then look no further.

Targeting your audience and ideal consumers is super easy when you use leaflet distribution in London. You can have specialists in the agency locate your specific target market and with their access to distribution channels, your target audience can be reached effectively with little cost.

That brings us to the next point, cost effectiveness! You’ll be happy to know that leaflet distribution is much lower in cost compared to a lot of other advertising out there. It also has one of the highest response rates because of its creative enthusiasm and effective CTAs.

Targeting local markets and requirements can be seriously difficult if you don’t have the right marketing technique, such as leaflet distribution. The solution is simple with this method because it’s perfect for geographic locations and super advantageous when trying to break into a new market.

Unlike TV ads, which you forget within 30 seconds after watching, leaflets have a longer-lasting impression because people have the information in front of them, instead of trying to remember it like you would with other mediums. Not to mention, people are able to hold them for family or friends if it’s something they might be interested in.

How Long Does It Take To Deliver 1,000 Leaflets?

The time it takes when making deliveries for leaflets can change in how many can be delivered depending on a couple of things, like time of day or date, the location, how busy the location is, how you want them to be delivered, walking distance, etc.

On an average day delivering 1,000 leaflets through letterboxes, it will generally take between 7 to 8 hours. It should be taken into consideration though the distance between houses and how populated the area is.

Now, if deliverers are going door-to-door and giving introductions and a little insight as to what the leaflet is or a little bit about the campaign, it might take slightly longer. This could be around 8 to 10 hours in total.

When it comes to handing out leaflets, 1,000 leaflets would take around 6 to 7 hours or less, depending on if you’re in a busy area or not, this would mean you’d be giving out 150 leaflets per hour.

As long as you’re in a populated area, and the agency you’re with that distributes the leaflets in London is experienced enough to know when and where popular spots are for your campaign, you will be not just successful, but in good hands too.

Final Thoughts

If you have a license that is official and registered, leaflet distribution in London is 100% worth it. It is one of the best ways to advertise events, properties, products, and more.

If you’re able to get a leaflet distribution agency in London that has deliverers going door-to-door and giving introductions and a little insight as to what the leaflet is or a little bit about the campaign, then you’ve truly struck gold.

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