When it comes to luxury, tradition, and longevity, Creed perfumes are exceptional. The company was established in 1760 to provide scented gloves, tailored clothing and commissioned fragrances to English court.

Since then, Creed continues to offer quality, original and refined fragrances to the modern era. Their women perfumes are mainly floral based, though most of them have similar floral notes; each perfume has an added distinctive twist of spicy or fruity scent.

You need to read on to learn the different scents available in the market by Creed. This article focuses on the best Creed perfumes for ladies.

They include:

This Creed Perfume has an uplifting fruity scent derived from different floral undertones.

Notes include apple, peach, jasmine melon, rose, and ambergris.

It has a light to moderate fragrance but it’s long lasting and versatile. It can absolutely be a perfect signature for everyday wear.

  • Creed Fleurissimo for women

It’s a more mature floral compared to Spring Flower. It’s elegant and classy, lacks fruits but has a floral bouquet with violet, iris, and tuberose.

Fleurissimo has a garden rich profile and vintage style. It dries down leaving a soapy clean quality Creed scent; it’s all day wear with exceptional longevity.

  • Creed Fleurs De Bulgarie

This is a very old floral perfume with more citrus touch and extra spicy. It’s clean, sweet, has a musky profile and pretty linear. It has been updated with time hence it’s still a perfect perfume to add to your collection.

Notes include musks, bergamot, Ambergris, and Bulgarian Rose essences.

  • Tubereuse Indiana

This Creed Perfume brings on a pleasant smelling bouquet highlighted by tuberose.

In addition, you get a touch of bergamot and smooth vanilla on the top. There’s is also ambergris and a slightly heavy musk.

  • Vanisia Perfume

This is a lovely perfume with a feminine fragrance that screams sophistication. It’s a very great blend of vanilla and sandalwood. This perfume looks like vintage confidence with jasmine added to the main ingredients.

Notes are; vanilla, rose, jasmine, and sandalwood.

  • Acqua Fiorentina Perfume

This perfume has a complex fragrance derived from light aromatic scents with floral and citrus layered notes. This is a good choice for you if you love fruitier compositions.

It has a very bright and a sharp citrus sensation and a crisp apple note adding to the wholesome juiciness. There’s also a touch of carnation and rose as it dries, plus sandalwood at the base.

  • Creed Jasmin Imperatrice Eugenie

If you are a fan of sandalwood and jasmine, this is the best Creed Perfume for you! It has an elegant woody scent with vanilla undertones; this makes it royal and luxurious.

It’s super strong and lasts long because of its huge silage

House of Creed continues to be one of the best one-stop shops when looking for quality fragrances. They have the best quality perfumes for women and you can always get your preferred choice.

Most of the ladies perfumes have floral notes which make them remarkable and a good fit for all seasons.

The list of Creed perfumes is long; these are just a few amongst the best according to customer reviews. You can visit our website for more information.

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