Best replies and answers to how are you doing Best replies and answers to how are you doing

“I’m fine thank you!, What about you?” If you keep replying with the same routine answer like this, to everyone who asks you How are you, you look no different than the rest of the others. It sometimes feels like a chatbot that is programmed to answer in the same sequence. You definitely do not want to look like that, at least for some close people. 

That’s why, in this article, we are going to share some of the interesting and the best replies and answers to how you are. This way, you won’t make the conversation dull, but you lead it to a great discussion.

Interesting Replies to How Are You Doing?

Interesting replies to how are you doing

First, let’s take a look at some better answers and replies when someone asks how you are doing. Such are indeed good options to use with someone you know or just recently met. 

  1. It’s all good here. 
  2. Thanks for asking, I’m good.
  3. My life is great, how about yours?
  4. You tell me, How i am doing. 
  5. So, how are you doing today?
  6. Thanks for caring, I’m well now. 
  7. Happy to see that you’re also here. 
  8. Doing great, what are you doing here?
  9. Life is good and I’m happy. Thank you. 
  10. To be honest, not good. Need some help actually. 
  11. Enjoying life and nothing else. 
  12. New day, old me, just doing routine stuff. 
  13. Glad that this day is not that worse. 
  14. Today I feel blessed and happy for no reason. 

Funny Answers to How Are You Doing?

Funny answers to how are you doing

To answer those who know you and the situation you’re going through, use these replies. Like for your friends and close ones, here are some witty responses and replies to make them laugh, because they know exactly how you’re doing and ask you as par of formality. 

  1. I was doing great, before you came.
  2. Oh, what are you doing here?
  3. You better not ask.
  4. Not today, please. 
  5. Surprised, I never thought you’re here. 
  6. Well, that’s a very interesting question
  7. I forget who I am. Do you know what I am doing here?
  8. I’m just tired of complaining about the same stuff. 
  9. Nothing much, same boring life. 
  10. I’m not in the mood to answer anything. 
  11. I bet you don’t want to hear that. 
  12. Not found anyone today, except me?
  13. I’ve nothing to talk about. 
  14. It’s you again, go somewhere else. 

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Creative Answers to How Are You Doing?

Creative answers to how are you doing

When you don’t want to use those boring responses anymore, try this one. No matter whatever the situation is or where you are, these are creative replies to how you are doing. 

  1. Better. I had a great coffee this morning. 
  2. Looking good, right?
  3. Doing good, but not as you. 
  4. Feeling nice, as I see you also here. 
  5. It’s just in between good to bad, average. 
  6. Great, this day is really going awesome!
  7. I’m doing just as you. 
  8. Well, I don’t even know what I am doing here.
  9. That might make you a bit jealous, want to know?
  10. Better than I need and greater than you think. 
  11. Looking good outside, but not inside. 
  12. Why are you interrogating me about it?
  13. My wifi is not working, please share your password, first. 
  14. Promise me, you will help anyway after I answer that. 
  15. Trust me, you really don’t want to know. 
  16. Oh, so you want to learn how to do this thing?
  17. Not right now, let me complete this first. Then I will tell, you how am i doing. 
  18. Well, I just did this and don’t even know why I am even doing this.

Smart Answers to How Are You Doing?

Smart answers to how are you doing

Are you looking for some intelligent and smart way to reply to how you are doing? This list has some good suggestions. Here are some better answers that express your quick-thinking according to the situation you’re in.  

  1. Just forget about me, what about you?
  2. In which terms, emotionally or financially?
  3. I’m doing great, than ever before. 
  4. Waiting for weekends to come now. 
  5. Thanks for asking, you’re looking good. 
  6. It could be better, but i’m ok. 
  7. Look at me, you know how I am doing today?
  8. Hope you can feel how I am now. 
  9. Please fix a meeting by my manager then we’ll talk. 
  10. It feels like I’m at your clinic right now. 
  11. Be silent, we are in the library!
  12. Fine, not sure about my next half hour. 
  13. It’s top-secret. So, don’t tell anyone.
  14. My heart is beating and I’m alive.
  15. Who me? Oh, I’m doing good. Hope you do, too. 
  16. Everything is just fine. So tell me what do you need?

Sarcastic Answers to How Are You Doing?

Sarcastic answers to how are you doing

This is the dedicated list that you better use with someone who annoys you most of the time or someone with whom you really want to ignore. With these responses you throw your frustration out and actually shut them down, because they’re asking these questions only to irritate you. 

  1. Who invited you here?
  2. Oh, you, how do you get to this place?
  3. I think I have to leave now. 
  4. Do I have to tell you this, but why?
  5. I was praying you won’t ask this. 
  6. Seems like you’ve something to brag about. 
  7. I’m sure you don’t care about that. 
  8. Just waiting for you to leave. 
  9. Don’t disturb me, I’m thinking about something. 
  10. I only answer in the conference, not here. 
  11. No personal questions, please. 
  12. Let me have my meal then I will answer everything. 
  13. My parents told me to stay away from you. 
  14. Why do you want to know? Tell me. 
  15. Actually, I was trying to avoid you. 
  16. Well, I’m doing better than yesterday. Thanks for asking. 
  17. Doing good, but not as great as you. How are you doing today?

Formal Replies “How Are You Doing?”

We have looked at the funny and creative answers to share when your informal connection asks how you are doing. Now, let’s take a look at how would you reply when your formal connection asks the same. Because it’s from your professional connection, obviously you want to keep it formal, but also want to reply to it positively.

  1. I’m doing fine. Tell me about you. 
  2. Everything is going great. How is your business going? 
  3. I’m doing just as perfect as planned. 
  4. Things are pretty hectic, but I like being busy. 
  5. I’m very well. Thank you for asking me. 
  6. This is a quite challenging day. But I enjoy working. 
  7. I’m doing good. How is your day going? 
  8. With the support from a teammate like you, I’m doing great.
  9. It’s going perfectly. How is your work? 
  10. Faced some challenges in the first half of the day. Now things are fine.

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Final Thoughts on Replies for How Are You Doing

Well, so now you have some better responses for How are you doing than just routine one like, “Fine”, “Good, thank you” and all. 

With these lists of better replies and answers you don’t just add excitement to the discussion, but you also make someone’s day with a fresh approach.

Use these answers especially with your friends, partner, and colleague, because with them you really want to have a thoughtful conversation with them. 

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