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There are nearly a quarter of a million photography businesses in the USA alone. That’s quite a few people out there snapping and capturing their way to a living, producing all sorts of beautiful (and, sometimes, not so beautiful) art along the way.

Are you one of those intrepid photographers? Or just thinking about getting into becoming one? Then here’s something you need to consider: background scenes. Oh, sure, the subjects of your pictures are pretty important, but the right backdrop ideas and make a photo (and the wrong photography backdrop can ruin it).

Stuck for ideas? Worry not. Here are our top 5 background scenes to make your photos come alive!

1. Tissue Paper!

No, we don’t mean ‘just hang a load of napkins on your wall and go wild’! You can use colored tissue paper to achieve a beautiful ombre effect that can really make your photos pop off the page. The vivifying effects of ombre tissue paper makes this photoshoot background a certified Insta classic.

2. It’s Curtains for You

This might be the gold standard photography backdrop. Cheap? Check. Easy? Check. Visually interesting? You better believe it’s a check.

Head down to your local antique store and pick up some beautiful old vintage curtains to hang behind your models as you shoot. You’ll be astounded by the effects!

3. A Green Screen

Okay, this one might be cheating a bit, but if you’re a photographer that’s comfortable with editing software, a green screen can really take your pictures to the next level. A green screen like the one at https://contrastudios.com/green-screen-studio-nyc/ basically gives you permission to go absolutely wild with background ideas.

Whatever idea you have, a green screen can make it possible. Not bad, right?

4. More Art!

Know a painter? Are you a painter? Or any other kind of artist? Why not use your own art as the backdrop for your photos.

This style of backdrop can create a kind of artistic kaleidoscope effect that will give your audience that ‘noticing something new every time’ effect. What’s more, this Matryoshka doll approach to your own artwork gives you a great opportunity to showcase your artwork that isn’t your photography. A win/win!

5. Balloons

A classic for a reason. Balloons can be deployed to an almost limitless series of ends. They can be festive, weird, or just plain textural depending on how and when you use them.

Even better: they’re cheap, plentiful, and easy to get hold of. So get inflating!

Background Scenes for All Occasions

And that concludes our brief but deep dive into our top 5 favorite background scenes. Whether you’re a novice photographer just getting their start, or you’re already pretty much Ansel Adams, these ideas will hopefully trigger a flurry of creativity for your next piece.

After all, it’s all about background when it comes down to it.

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