Auto Body Repair

Auto Body Repair

If you’ve been in an accident and are looking for auto body repair costs in Santa Rosa, the Cline Collision Center can help. We know your car is your baby, even after an accident, and we work with your auto insurer to perform body repairs, dent repairs, bumper repairs (CLINE) , fender bends and paint to keep your vehicle looking like new. After the visit, you can no longer say that your car was in an accident! Check out our before and after view to see our work.

Worried about costs? We will deal directly with your insurance company to minimize damage to your wallet. No need to stress. Our shop is clean, has a comfortable waiting area where you can enjoy your coffee while waiting for minor repairs. For larger repairs, we’ll help arrange car rental so  you can take care of your work and family while your car is in store. Thanks to our friendly staff, our store is fun to visit customer testimonials and yelp reviews prove it!

If you need an estimate of the cost of a bodywork repair, drop by and speak to one of our technicians. You can even use our online interface to check the condition of your car so you can take it home when it’s ready.

An accident shouldn’t ruin your schedule. At Cline Collision, we’ll perform auto insurance crash repairs quickly and professionally, with written warranties available so you know our work is guaranteed. Get back on the road and get on with your busy life with affordable bodywork repairs in Santa Rosa, CA.

Pros of Leasing a Car

A new car every 2-4 years – hassle-free No need for the headache of buying and selling all the time, renting is a great way to stay up to date on the latest cars on the market and make sure your car is up to date. Your vehicle has the latest safety features.

When you rent, you will receive a new car from the factory with a lifetime warranty. You are also exempt from applying for MOT if your lease is for three years or less. You may want to browse through car rental services, but you can find some of the best car rental deals on car

Reliability: Modern cars have fewer faults, and leasing saves you from costly problems with older cars. Should any problems arise unrelated to your use, a quick call to the dealer and manufacturer’s warranty will ensure they are resolved.

Affordability: Leasing allows you to drive a premium vehicle on a tight budget that you would struggle to buy right away. If you don’t want to make a large upfront payment, you can always purchase a no-deposit car lease, as the initial lease and monthly payment breakdown are customizable.

There are fewer additional costs to factor into your budget when accident insurance and road taxes are included in the lease. You’re also more likely to be approved for a

lease than a loan if your credit is less than ideal. Visit car for the best car rental deals.

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