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Home care is a generic term for a host of services. But you should know that it’s not the same as a home health agency, which specializes in medical care for the elderly.
Under this setup, your loved ones remain at their home, but you have peace of mind that they are taken care of even when you are not there. More often than not, families want somebody who can help their loved one with day-to-day tasks or just companionship.
Meanwhile, assisted living Long Island NY is when your loved one is moved to a facility so they can mingle and socialize with other seniors her age while their needs are being taken care of 24/7.
What are the Tasks Expected From Home Care? You have two options for home care: 24/7 assistance or per-hour-rate. Whatever you choose, the senior care companion will go to the house and stay with them for the duration of your arrangement.

Here are the everyday tasks you can expect from them:

➢ Talking to your loved ones and listening to them
➢ Serving as an emotional support
➢ Going on errands for the client, which includes paying the bills and doing the grocery
➢ Basic housekeeping duties to make sure the home is clean and do the laundry
➢ Preparing a meal plan for the clients and also cooking the food. You have to talk to them
about dietary concerns
➢ Checking up on the clients. Are they eating or sleeping right? Do they seem depressed?
Do they show signs of dementia?
➢ Driving clients to family events and other activities
However, home care companions are not nurses so you can’t expect them to attend to a sickly client. There are special services for that. What Can You Expect From Assisted Living? When you bring your loved ones to an assisted living facility, they get the benefit of 24/7 care. But the best thing is that they are not stuck in their homes with a lone companion and can socialize with others.

Few things you can expect from assisted living:

➢ 24/7 assistance
➢ Assistance with the resident’s medications
➢ Assistance with the resident’s pets (if there are any)
➢ Hygiene, particularly with bathing, and grooming
➢ Helping them go to the toilet
➢ Assisting them when they want to move around
➢ Bringing them to the activity area to socialize with others
➢ Housekeeping and laundry
In assisted living Long Island NY, all the social activities for the day are planned. Your loved ones can choose if they want to join them or not. Eventually, however, when they make friends, these social activities become the highlight of their day. Combining the Best of Both Worlds While you already have everything your elderly needs in an assisted living service, you can combine the best of both worlds by hiring a senior care companion for your loved one while they are residing in the facility. Especially if you know someone whom your elderly parents already trust and have a connection, it is possible to have it this way.

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