Top 5 acquisition channels for online lead generation Top 5 acquisition channels for online lead generation

You’re looking to make some money online. You’ve checked out copywriting, dropshipping, affiliate marketing, and countless more avenues. So many of them seem too good to be true.

Sound familiar? Well, you’re right to think that way. Everyone seems to be rushing to the internet to make some quick money and it’s hard to wade through all that competition. That may be true, but there’s no need to feel discouraged.

At least, that’s what the Modern Millionaires have to say about it. The course teaches an entirely different business model that can eventually run itself. Want to know what it is?

Online lead generation. It’s easy to start, easy to run, and won’t cost you much at all. Based on the name, you might be wondering how to actually generate those leads. 

Let’s cover some of the easiest ways:

1. Email marketing

Tried and true, email marketing is still your best bet for online lead generation. The Modern Millionaires course shows you how to leverage email marketing in the modern day. This consists of automation, usually done through customer relation management (CRM) platforms and software.

These platforms let you automatically send the right emails to the right leads. That means as much personalization as you want using any data you’ve collected. Email marketing through CRMs is about as targeted as you can get and it’s a great first choice.

2. Social media marketing

Ever wonder how those oddly relevant ads find their way to your Facebook feed? That’s social media marketing. Well, social media marketing paired with an effective strategy. Word of warning: social media marketing can be difficult.

Luckily, the Modern Millionaires course makes social media marketing as easy as possible. It shows you how to create winning strategies and use the tools on different social media platforms.

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3. Content marketing

This acquisition channel might be more effective than social media, but it’s more difficult to use effectively. First, you have to create the content. That’s not always easy and it can take a lot of time. Otherwise, it can get expensive if you decide to hire a content creator.

Second, you have to make sure your content gets to the right audience. Get either of these steps wrong and you won’t be seeing many leads.

The Modern Millionaires course goes into content marketing and a bit of content creation. You’ll learn what types of content work for which audiences and how to market that content. After that, your success comes down to experimentation. You have to test, test, and test again to see which content works and which doesn’t.

4. Website optimization

A good website is crucial, but it’s not always going to get you all the leads you want and need. You have to optimize your website, especially your landing pages, for lead acquisition. The thing is, optimizing your website can take time, or, again, money if you hire somebody to handle it. 

You’ll get some help with the Modern Millionaires course, but much of your website optimization depends on your niche and your customers. The course will show you how to quickly and easily create your website and landing pages, you’ll just have to tweak some things as you grow your business.

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5. Search engine optimization (SEO)

Most of the acquisition channels above depend on customers finding your business. Whether it’s through content, social media, or coming across your website, they have to see before they click.

That’s why SEO is so powerful. It deals with keywords, links, and search terms. Simply put, you won’t get far without good SEO. The Modern Millionaires course touches on SEO, but just about any professional will tell you how hard it is. If there’s one thing you allocate your budget for, make it SEO. That is unless you want to spend the time and effort learning a brand new skill.

So, there you have it. 5 of the most powerful acquisition channels for online lead generation. The Modern Millionaires course will walk you through most of these, or at least touch on them enough to get you started. We’d say it’s a comprehensive guide, especially considering you can make do with just a few of these channels.

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