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According to the U.S. Department of Energy, your windows could cause 25 to 35 percent of your home’s energy use.

Is your energy bill getting a little too expensive? With new, energy-efficient windows, you could cut those costs! Your home will even feel more comfortable year-round!

Make sure to do your research before buying new windows. Here’s everything you need to know to get your home windows replaced.

That way, you can find the best option for your budget and home’s needs!

1. Repair or Replace?

First things first: how bad is the damage? Take a look before you make a purchase to get your home windows replaced. They might just need simple repairs.

You might notice your windows won’t open or close. They may even rattle or cause drafts. A restoration specialist, handyman, or carpenter can repair the damage.

This can include:

  • Freeing upper sashes that are painted shut
  • Replacing broken panes
  • Replacing broken sash cords
  • Replacing other pieces of hardware
  • Glazing
  • Adding weather-stripping

A small repair can make big improvements to your home’s energy efficiency. This is also a more cost-effective option than full replacement.

2. Match the Style

Choosing the wrong replacement windows can detract from your home’s value. After all, your windows are an important architectural feature of your home.

Instead of choosing a downscale product, upgrade your home with beautiful replacement windows.

However, it’s important to make sure these windows match your home’s existing aesthetic.

When searching for new windows, you also want to consider how long you’ll live with those windows. The look isn’t everything. Make sure to consider price, quality, durability, and the energy-efficiency, too!

You can speak with a window replacement expert to find windows that match your home. That way, you’re maintaining your home’s beauty while improving energy efficiency at the same time.

3. Check for Energy Efficiency

We’ve mentioned energy efficiency, but what exactly does it do? Updating your home with energy-efficient windows can:

  • Reduce drafts
  • Make your home more comfortable
  • Help soundproof your home
  • Cut your energy bill

In fact, energy-efficient appliances could save your home up to $500 a year.

When getting your home windows replaced, make sure to check for energy-efficient products.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Energy teamed up. Together, they created ENERGY STAR. This program helps protect the environment and save you money.

While you’re searching for windows, check for the ENERGY STAR rating. This tells you the product is energy efficient and uses best practices.

These products can help maintain the temperature you set within your home. That way, cool air doesn’t slip out, and the summer heat doesn’t slip in.

These windows also use heat-reflective Low-E glass and insulting Argon Gas. That way, the windows block the sun’s rays. Blocking the sunshine can protect your valuables from discoloration and sun damage.

That way, you’re putting money back into your pocket (and protecting your home).

4. Want a Warranty

Before you make a purchase, don’t forget to check the warranty, too.

Does it cover air leaks and broken seals? What if the glass breaks? You might want to check for a warranty that covers labor, too.

When choosing a window replacement company, you can also check for their liability insurance. They should also be licensed to work in your state.

Finally, check to make sure the warranty is transferrable to the next homeowner.

This can increase your home’s value when you try to make a sale.

5. Consider Quality

You want the best possible products throughout your home, right? When you decide to get your home windows replaced, make sure to do your research.

Check the label before you buy. Credible, independent, third-party endorsements can help you find the best products. These include:

  • Good Housekeeping
  • American Architectural Manufacturers Association
  • National Fenestration Rating Council

These organizations evaluate manufacturers and products based on strict criteria. That way, you can find the best possible products for your home.

What about durability? Some windows provide solidly constructed frames with steel, reinforced sashes. This prevents warping.

Meanwhile, sloped sills help remove rainwater.

There’s also fusion-welded sash and frame options.

Check to make sure these windows are strong. That way, you’ll know they can withstand any storm.

6. Avoid DIY Disasters

By hiring a professional, you can avoid DIY-er mistakes. This could save you time and money—now, and later.

If your windows aren’t properly installed, it could cause air to leak in and out of your home. This could decrease your home’s overall energy efficiency. As a result, your energy bill might show another jump.

Professional installation can guarantee you have the right window, fit, and proper installation.

When researching companies, make sure you find a professional company. You can check online reviews to make sure they have a positive reputation.

Ask about their previous experience and ask for photos of previous projects. Don’t forget to check for their warranty, too!

That way, you can find the perfect fit. After all, getting your home windows replaced doesn’t have to be a hassle.

Instead, hiring a reputable company can ensure it’s an easy, stress-free experience.

7. The Price is Right

Now that you’ve narrowed down your options, compare your prices.

You can find the perfect fit without it breaking the bank. During your research, make sure the final price includes installation, too.

A comparison checklist can help you recognize everything you’re getting. That way, there are no surprise costs when you pull out your credit card.

It’s No Pane: Tips for Getting Your Home Windows Replaced

Using this pane-free guide, you have everything you need to get your home windows replaced.

Home window replacement can help you avoid drafts. These drafts can cause fluctuations in your home’s temperature. As a result, you might notice a jump in your monthly energy bill.

With replacement windows, you can improve your home’s energy efficiency and save costs down the road!

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