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Let’s face it — boat cleaning isn’t fun. However, it’s something that has to be done whether you like it or not.

To make the process a little easier, there are some handy tips and tricks to pick up. We’ve made a list of our top five boat cleaning hacks here, so you can keep your boat in great shape without taking all day!

Keep reading to find out what they are.

1. Consider Your Cleaner

You should try your best to use soaps and cleaners that are environmentally-friendly — there are many options for boat cleaning supplies to choose from!

This is not only to benefit the environment but also because soaps that aren’t eco-friendly can damage finishes, even stripping them away, when they’re left on for too long.

Of course, when you are cleaning your boat, you should make an effort to avoid throwing excess boat cleaner in the ocean too.

2. Use Vinegar

Cleaning boat hull with vinegar — it’s an affordable measure that’s not too difficult either. Vinegar is great at getting rid of hard water stains too.

Combine water with equal parts vinegar and spray the mixture onto the stain. Once you’ve let it sit for about five minutes, wipe it off and you should be good to go!

Another option for hard water stains is to use dryer sheets. Use a piece of cloth to dab the surface and rub off stains, before rinsing.

3. Get Rid of Stains on Vinyl

Check out the interior of your boat.

It can be susceptible to damage from the salt in the water and air, so it’s important to keep everything clean.

Use vinyl cleaners, as the chemicals in more concentrated detergents can damage the vinyl on items like cushions as time goes on. Once, you’ve cleaned, use a vinyl sealer too, for extra security.

4. Clean Portlights Properly

Make sure that your portlights are cleaned to maximize safety. They can often look foggy, as they’re made from plastic, so what you need is warm water mixed with some mild detergent.

Once you’ve washed, you can apply a little toothpaste to the surface with a cloth to decrease oxidation. You should avoid glass cleaner, but feel free to use water-resistant spray once you’ve cleaned.

5. Dry Before Waxing

It’s important to get your boat waxed, but beforehand you should make sure that it’s dry.

Use a soft cloth to ensure your boat’s completely dry, and then apply wax in a circular motion. Once it’s dried a little, remove any excess wax with another soft cloth.

Choosing Boat Cleaning Hacks

By following our handy boat cleaning hacks, you can ensure that your boat is kept in wonderful condition. Not only that, but you can do so affordably, efficiently, and fast, too!

Of course, there are other measures that you can take to maintain your boat, but for us, the best thing to clean a boat with is vinegar, while you should make an effort to use environmentally friendly products as often as possible.

If you’re looking for more hacks like these, to make your life that little bit easier, be sure to check out some of our other posts.

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