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It doesn’t matter when or where golf first piqued your interest. It could come from playing around with friends, watching the Masters, or even after acing four holes-in-one at a putt-putt golf course. Don’t worry, though, as every golfer had to start somewhere, and many may have started in the same position you’re currently in. There’s no problem with being a beginner golfer.

It might be intimidating to head out on a course for the first time. Everyone has their perfect set of clubs, and players wear their stellar golf shirt brands. Every chip and drive is perfect, and there you are, walking around with a set of borrowed clubs trying to find out where to check-in.

Few Lessons For Beginner Golfer

Before you head out to the links, you should find a way to take some golf lessons. Most courses have clubhouses with a golf pro who will help you work through the basics.

They’ll help you find a stance, tell you which clubs to use, and give general pieces of advice that will help take your game from clueless beginner to solid beginner.

If you’d rather learn on your own, there are plenty of YouTube videos out there that will help you with your swing and other facets of the game. You may not receive the 1-on-1 attention you’d like, but it’s a great place to get started.

Learn the Rules and Customs

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Golf is a simple enough game. You’re trying to get the ball in the hole with as few strokes as possible over 18, or nine, holes. The one with the fewest strokes wins. Pretty easy, right?

Golf, as it turns out, is full of rules and customs. Being quiet while playing is one of the main rules, but what else is essential while playing?

You should learn about the various penalties, how to repair divots, determining the order of play, managing a scorecard, and dealing with other groups playing golf. While you may learn other vital pieces of information while you play, it’s best to go in with a handful of basics.

Dress the Part

A big part of playing golf is making sure you’re wearing the proper attire. Not everyone has to dress like Payne Stewart or John Daly, but you must wear the right clothes.

You can look at some of the top golf shirt brands around and pair those with some golf pants. Check out some golf shoes as well, as you don’t want to wear something that will damage the course.

Hats and sunglasses are good options as well, especially if you’re planning on playing in the summer months. Soon, you’ll be playing golf in style.

It’s best to avoid jeans, casual t-shirts, and make sure you check with the clubhouse before you put on shorts. Depending on who you ask, shorts can be acceptable or a big faux pas when playing.

Learn Patience

Learn patience

You will often hear golfers say golf is one of those activities you can enjoy and be bad at the same time. Every golfer, no matter how famous they are, started from the bottom.

Don’t get too down in the dumps when you wind up in a sand bunker or finish +20. Just try to be consistent with your swing and make sure you’re getting plenty of practice.

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