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Each year, countless people experience some kind of dental emergency. These emergencies can range from a cavity to an infected tooth. Without timely and accurate treatment, your dental health and well-being can suffer.

The last thing you need when facing a dental emergency is stress and confusion. We want to help make the situation a little easier for you.

This blog post serves as a must-read before you find yourself face-to-face with a dental health crisis. Read on to learn about three ways to prevent a dental emergency!

1. Wear a Sports Mouthguard

To prevent a dental emergency, everyone should wear a sports mouthguard when participating in physical activity. Mouthguards can prevent impact injuries to teeth, jaw, tongue, and face and help minimize concussions and neck injuries.

They should be worn for any activity where there is a risk of contacts, such as football, hockey, rugby, soccer, lacrosse, basketball, martial arts, and boxing. There are three types of mouthguards: preformed, boil and bite, and custom-made.

The most protective option is a custom-made mouthguard from a dentist. Make sure to clean the mouthguard each time after use and replace it according to your dentist’s instructions. 

2. Treat Problems Right Away

The best way to prevent a dental emergency is to take steps to ensure good oral health. First and foremost, proper brushing and flossing and regular dental visits should be a priority.

Being proactive about your oral health can prevent major problems from developing. In between visits, examine your mouth regularly for signs of pain or discomfort, as well as any changes, including redness and swelling.

If you notice anything, visit a local dentist office as soon as possible. Additionally, avoid extremes of temperature and hard, crunchy foods that could cause damage to your teeth and gums.

3. Don’t Bite Something a Little Too Hard

One of the best steps to prevent dental emergencies associated with biting something too hard is to be mindful and aware of what you’re biting down on and do so in a strategic way.

Notice the texture of the food that you’re consuming and break it into smaller, more manageable pieces instead of biting down on something all at once. Taking smaller bites and eating more slowly allows us to apply less pressure and will be less likely to cause a dental emergency due to a bite gone wrong.

Additionally, check dentures or other mouth appliances regularly for signs of wear and tear or cracking, and get a replacement if needed. Eating in a smart way and abiding by the instructions made by your dentist can help prevent a situation that causes trauma to the teeth– in the event that it does happen, however, it’s best to contact a dentist and let them handle it, even if it doesn’t feel too serious.

Prevent Dental Emergency Today

By following these steps, you can help to prevent a dental emergency. Prevention is the best form of protection, so use these steps regularly to help you maintain a healthy smile.

Talk to your dentist to learn the best ways to protect your teeth and to know what steps to take in case of a dental emergency. Happy brushing!

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