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15 Answers To “Why Should I Work Hard?”

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Perseverance is stubbornness with a purpose.

Hard work is something we keep on listening advice about and generally the person who is advising us is at a position where we can’t ask them straight:

“Why should I work hard? Why should I give my time to something I don’t like to do while I can spend the same time with my friends or with my GF/BF or with my pillow and bed!”

Some of us are motivated most of the times; but I have seen a majority not being able to get their selves habituated to perseverance. Hence, they end up asking this question to the world “Why should I work my hard?” Here are some answers they need without a doubt.

1. Guaranteed Achievement

Perseverance guarantees achievement. Without hard work, it is not really possible to be an odd one out and achieve something that you have always wanted. Even those who fail initially ends up winning at last, if they don’t leave the hand of hard work. If you are just starting, take a look at some secrets to quit dreaming and start achieving.

guaranteed achievement

2. Gets You the Respect You Always Wanted

You can always see someone around yourself, a cousin, a friend or a classmate who is respected everywhere. His presence is appreciated, his views are taken seriously and people strive to maintain better relations with that person and without questioning everyone on this planet wants it. We want everyone around us to give us a level of respect and value our opinions. Hard work and building self esteem fetches us this very thing. No matter we are successful or are going to be successful, people always appreciate those who work hard and know what they’re capable of doing.


3. Grows Every Bit of You

Hard work will help you to get better each day, each moment. Many times we look back in our life, and ask ourselves, what have we learnt? Hard work grows us in all perspectives, it takes an amateur man and makes him an expert. Without hard work, growth isn’t possible.
success before hard work harvey specter

4. Allows you to live a regret free life

A survey said that 4 out of 10 people are living a life they are not happy with. Honestly we don’t know what will happen tomorrow, or after a year. We have seen many people saying “Yaar kash ye kar liya hota”. Because time has gone. And they just wish they had worked hard when the time was right. Hard work allows you to live a regret free life. It will provide the necessary framework for a better future and you will never have to say, “I wish I had done it at that time.”


5. Keeps You Positive

“Positivity and motivation is the new trend.”
That’s what I read recently. People in the 21st century really need images, thoughts and books to constantly push themselves towards positivity. While doing this we forget that read motivation and positivity comes from hard work. Hard work and the feeling that comes along will help you stay positive for a longer period of time.

positivity no one can break

6. Makes Your Loved Ones Happy

You might be promised some gifts by your parents at the time of exams. Your hard work and progress makes them happy. Just like we would like our children or our spouse to be hard-working & we will find bliss in that.

making loved ones happy

7. Gives Self Satisfaction

“Hard work is the key to self-satisfaction”
We all have read this but it’s time we take it a bit more seriously. After we know how we’ll find ourselves, we live for satisfaction and happiness and one of the key ingredient in the recipe of success is hard work. It brings the joy of being satiated.

self satisfaction of success

8. Because that is what successful people do

Hard work is the sole answer to your questions when you ask them to people who have succeed in life. They will also tell you that it is important to grab every opportunity that you get. But the thumb rule is never to leave perseverance.

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9. A chance to be one of those whom you follow

We all are crazy behind someone, some charming personality, someone we really respect or someone we would like to become, some qualities of some people that we fall for. All this is a byproduct of hard work. As you can turn failure into success, it allows you to become like one of those people and it will give u followers at the same time.


10. Helps you to enjoy the journey of life and make a meaning out of it

We all have read it that life is not about the destination, it’s about the journey and that is where we really need to look forward to making this journey amazing. Reaching the destination would be so boring if there is no pain in reaching there, But as its said patience is a bitter plant but its fruits are sweet. Thus, while living this life we really need to make a meaning out of it.


11. For that Dream Girl/Boy

Who doesn’t have a dream boy/girl? We all grow up passing from our teens and entering into our twenties and we really look forward to spending life with someone who makes it beautiful and easy. But we might not be able to life the best life with our loved ones if we don’t possess the necessary resources for a wonderful life.


12. It Keeps You Healthy

Hard work keeps you healthy, not just physically but mentally as well. Perseverance gives the ability to strive more in your 24 hours and keeps you away from normal health issues.

keeping you healthy

13. You get to explore the world

With the rewards of perseverance you get to explore the world and hidden knowledge in it. You get to fly around the world, meet new people, know their culture and a lot more. Check out some careers that make you fly around the world.

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14. Allows you to afford king size hobbies

It’s easy to have kingsize hobbies but it’s not really easy to afford them. Hobbies such as owning expensive bikes or cars, roaming around the world, playing expensive sports, trying the best restaurants of town, luxuries of 5 star hotels, etc don’t pay for themselves. You have to earn and pay for them.

Trending Us sky diving

15. Gets you freedom from satirical comments of relatives

We all are tired of our relatives! Aren’t we? It’s like there are millions of them and they don’t have anything better to do with their life except interfering in ours! And we have to go through that pain of taking their satirical comments on how we are wasting our time and life! To get rid of this pain isn’t an easy task. But believe me my friend, Hard work will help you here. It helps you earn that respect and keeps their mouth shut!

Its like ‘making them an offer they can’t refuse!’

keeping off relatives
To sum it up, perseverance allows to make you most of yourself and converts the efforts into monetary as well as non-monetary benefits that gradually keeps on increasing over period of time.

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4 thoughts on “15 Answers To “Why Should I Work Hard?”

  1. Nice points and simple language is what make a good blog, but considering your 14th point that it allows you live a king size life I firmly disagree with that, this is because constantly I observe people in my life who have worked very hard still they are not able to fetch results. I guess you have missed out on that aspect author.

    1. I agree with you. There are certainly people who have not been able to achieve the result even after working hard. But i firmly believe that efforts do give result, may be directly may be indirectly. And his journey isn’t over for sure, may be And he might have achieved certain things compared to his past. May be just not the luxuries that we dream. he ll achieve it someday.
      Lets hope for the best.
      But yes, life isn’t fair. I agree with you.

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