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Decisions That Can Help You Take Control of Your Life

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You are just one decision away from a totally different life!

Do you remember the last time when you took a decision that proved to be a game-changer in your life? Was it your “OWN” decision or just an outcome of influence? Probably, this question must have hit the most sensitive area of your decision-making process. The fact is most of the times we take decisions rather than “independent decisions”.

Choosing a particular career option or a personal relation may not be as simple as choosing the flavour of a lollipop as we did in our childhood. But, at least choosing a lollipop was done out of individual fondness for it. A pertinent question arises that “what was so different in our childhood that decision-making was so easy and enjoyable than in our present life?” Of course, those decisions had little impact on our lives, but today that itself is the difference. If choosing a lollipop was done out of your conscious willingness, deciding your future requires all the more focus and meticulousness. Hence, the biggest and the most powerful decision that helps you to take control of your life is to be “YOU” in whatever you decide. It is not wrong to consider genuine advice and opinion of our dearest ones in taking such decisions. But, you need to make sure that the baton is only in
your hands!

Initially, it will be difficult to digress from the conventional inclination to the most sought decisions. But, in the end what matters is you did what you wanted to. Moreover, everything is going to be alright. It just requires a little more courage to take independent decisions.

Don’t control your passions. Control your decisions. And when you feel scared, just say, “Courage, dear heart!” because indecision steals life.


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