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Did you know that the average cost range of remodeling a kitchen is $6,700 to $16,930?

If you recently moved into a new house, your kitchen might not have all the kitchen items necessary. But it depends on the kind of kitchen you’re aiming for. Without any guidance, you’ll likely have no idea what to pick.

Don’t feel discouraged yet.

With this guide, you’ll learn about must-have kitchen items. That way, your kitchen is ready for anything. Read on and find out more:

1. Three Knives

If you aren’t feeling generous, you need not get the entire knife set, especially the one that comes with its fancy wood block. Invest in a few essentials, like the chef’s knife, a paring knife, and a serrated bread knife. Professional chefs agree that these three will cover anything that needs cutting.

One thing to consider is to go for forged knives. Knives of this caliber have higher quality and can last for many years. As much as possible, avoid getting stamped knives.

2. Knife Sharpener

To make your knives last longer, ensure that they’re always sharp. The precise amount of sharpening depends on how frequent you use them and the food you cook. A good rule to follow is to sharpen it once every 1-2 weeks if you’re using it every day.

Sharpening stones are often better suited for experienced chefs. If you aren’t one of the many professional chefs in the United States, you’re better off using a chantry knife sharpener. These are gadgets standing on your counter that lets you slide the knife through for sharpening.

3. Cutting Board

Glass and stone cutting boards are pretty, but if you’re practical, go for either wood or plastic instead. If you want to show off, get a marble board but use the above-mentioned cutting boards instead. Marble isn’t ideal since it’s likely to dull your knives and it can’t handle heavy-duty chopping.

Your ideal cutting board must be something hard enough that it won’t wear out and get grooves. If you build up grooves, it starts housing harmful bacteria. With this, you must replace your cutting board after a few years.

4. Nonstick and Cast-Iron Pan

You need not get an entire set of non-stick pans for your kitchen. If you’re cooking lots of eggs, a single one is good enough. Doing this ensures you won’t waste money on pans you’re unlikely to use anyway.

Cast-iron pans are great additions to non-stick pans. It’s inexpensive and can conduct heat well, especially if you’re cooking steaks or chicken breasts. With this pan, you’ll get the nice type of sear on these meats.

This pan is also a great choice if you’re looking caramelizing a surface. This makes it a go-to choice if you want to develop the flavors of red meats and poultry. The best part is that they will last forever.

The only drawback is that cast-iron pans require more work. First, you must season your pan or add a lubricant so the food ingredients won’t stick to it.

5. Stainless Steel Pots and Pans

The majority of cookware in your kitchen should be stainless steel. It means you must get heavier-gauge pans for most of your kitchen needs. Like cast-iron pans, they last longer and have better heat conduction.

These advantages are enough to offset the fact that they’re harder to wash and heavier.

6. Rondeau Pan or Dutch Oven

The common name for rondeau pans is stew pot. It sports a wide surface area with high sides measuring 4” to 6”. This is the type of kitchenware you need if you’re planning to cook braises and stews.

7. Blender

A blender is a must because it can accomplish tasks from making soups to purées. If you pick a blender, it’s better not to skimp on cheap ones and splurge for higher quality. Always remember that you get what you pay for, and you’re likely to replace it sooner because it’s more likely to break.

8. Immersion Blender

Are you looking forward to making smoothies or frothing up drinks? If so, you must get an immersion blender for your kitchen. This handheld kitchenware is also good for chopping ingredients like onions and garlic.

It won’t take a lot of storage space and it need not sit on your kitchen counter. Immersion blenders are versatile but cheap enough that it doesn’t break the bank. It’s a good go-to tool for a lot of kitchen tasks.

9. Food Processor

For kitchen must-haves, you must invest in both blenders and food processors. Despite common misconceptions, both of these kitchenwares are essential for cooking efficiency. A blender is best for smooth purées while food processors are for chopping ingredients coarsely.

10. Pressure Cooker

An electric pressure cooker is a chef’s best pal, especially when they’re running on a time crunch. As a normal cook, you might consider it your worst nightmare, especially if you aren’t well-versed in using it. It’s intimidating, but learning how to use them is worth your time.

For example, using a pressure cooker will finish wild rice within 20 minutes. In comparison, you must cook it for over an hour if you’re using a regular pot.

11. Digital Thermometer

Novice cooks get a lot of mileage when using a digital thermometer. When you roast chicken or cook meat in a certain way, getting an instant reading is the best. It’s because most digital thermometers need no calibrations.

Digital thermometers that come with cables alongside their probe are desirable. If you roast food, put the probe into it and throw it in the oven. Keep the thermometer outside and set alarms when you get your desired temperature.

Get Must-Have Kitchen Items Today!

These are the must-have kitchen items you can buy from the local department store. Use this as a list to ensure you won’t miss anything when you move to a new home.

Is this list helpful for your shopping? If so, we encourage you to read our other guides and learn more valuable housing and shopping tips and tricks.

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