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Workplace Injuries – 8 Common Incidents Factory Workers Face

Wondering what the most common injuries a factory worker faces daily?

The nature of these jobs can pose many problems such as expensive medical bills, lost wages, physical disabilities, and a lot of pain and suffering.

We’ve compiled a list of 8 common incidents faced daily by factory workers. Let’s take a look at them right now:

8 Workplace Injuries – Factory Workers Face

1. Stress-Related Injuries

Many of the workers are required to perform the same job repeatedly. This type of work can cause stress because of making the employee stay still or be in the same position for hours on end.

Overusing muscles, using heavy vibrating equipment can generate strains in the muscle. It even deteriorates the body’s soft tissues as well.

Other than that, common symptoms of stress-related injuries are pain, tingling sensation, and numbness.

Workers will start to lose strength in the specific parts of their bodies they have been overusing, and it will eventually be hard for them to continue with their job.

2. Slippery Floors

Having clean floors means there are fewer chances of workers to slip and fall. This is vital in workplaces where there are a lot of workers moving around.

Some industries or factories use liquids such as oil in their manufacturing process. This liquid can end up spilling on the floor and cause some workers to slip and fall.

Depending on how bad the fall was, they can experience injuries ranging from sprains, spinal injuries, broken bones to even traumatic head injuries.

All of the injuries mentioned above have the chance to keep the worker out of work for several days. Their employers have to ensure that all workspace in the factory is cleaned properly every day to avoid the risk of injuries.

3. Overworking

Many of the jobs factory workers have to take on requires them to have a good level of strength and stamina. They might have to lift heavy objects or stand on their feet for hours.

Many times, a worker can push himself beyond his limit and generate a risk of musculoskeletal disorders. Other injuries factory workers can face from overexertion are neck and back injuries from doing the heavy lifting.

Dehydration and exhaustion are common causes of not drinking enough water for a shortage of break time and also working near hot machines.

Situations like these can not only be harmful but also dangerous. There are chances of workers fainting and so it is necessary to have regular breaks for these types of work.

4. Handling Dangerous Machines

Speaking of machinery, we are all aware of how dangerous industrial machines are. Those who operate these machines daily are at risk of enduring different kinds of injuries.

Factory machines often include conveyor belts and automatic gears. So, if an employee is distracted even for a split second, there’s a chance they could get their arm caught in the equipment.

Workers are at risk of having their arms fractured, dislocated, or may even lose their limbs. Other accidents such as lacerations, concussions, and burns are also very common.

That is why it’s important for employers to make sure for the workers operating these machines to have the proper qualification and certification to handle these


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5. Exposed to Harmful Chemicals

It’s no secret many factories need to use harmful chemicals during their manufacturing process. Workers handling these chemicals are already at risk of exposing themselves to a toxic environment.

Even if they have safety gear on, any spills can lead to several injuries such as skin irritation, serious burns, or respiratory problems, and as a result, they are always at a risk.

Other problems that may occur from being exposed to harmful chemicals over long periods of time are known as industrial diseases. These may include deafness, asthma, blindness, cancer, dermatitis, etc.

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6. Struck by Falling Objects

Probably the most common way a worker gets injured would be from fallen objects. This happens when a heavy object falls either of its own or a worker drops something from an upper level.

Factories tend to have a loud working environment where workers can’t hear clearly most of the time. They are unable to heed any warnings from other factory workers and thus can’t brace themselves or move out of the way of a falling object.

Factory workers are at the risk of sustaining spinal injuries, lacerations, broken bones, and traumatic brain injuries. It is essential for every worker to wear hard hats at all times while they are at work.

7. Chances of Getting Burns

Fires can occur at any time in the factory and workers can easily become victims of serious burns which can lead up to third-degree injury.

This injury can even end up causing nerve damage and loss of their range of mobility too. The more flammable materials there are in use, the more risk there is for a worker to get burn injury.

The risk of burn injury rises when flammable materials are used. The fire can spread to other areas of the factory and more people can be injured. Other than that, the use of hot equipment such as stoves or ovens can put a worker at risk.

8. Vehicular Accidents

Almost all factories use forklifts to move heavy objects around so that the operation runs smoothly. However, these vehicles can also put workers at risk too.

There are possible incidents where workers might get crushed or struck by the operator of the forklift because they are unable to see anything in front of them. Forklifts can also overturn and fall on other unsuspecting workers.

The employer has to make sure the workers who operate these forklifts have proper safety training and certification. There should also be warning signs in areas where the vehicle is frequently in use.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we’d like to say that we hope the list we’ve provided here today helps to reduce these injuries and ensure a safe work environment for every type of employment, but more so for factory workers!

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