What To Check When Buying A PC Monitor

What to Check When Buying a PC Monitor?

A computer cannot function without the right PC monitor since it is the device that provides the user interface. Choosing a monitor for your PC can be a struggle given the variety already in the market. But if you know the features check, the selection process will be much easier.

What should you look for when buying a PC monitor?

There are many features you should check out, depending on your needs. The general ones include the brand, size of the screen, and display type. After deciding on these specifications, you should check the following more crucial features.

Video Inputs

The connection type is a factor you should consider when buying a monitor. This is because CPUs and monitors come with different video inputs. Therefore, you should ensure that the monitor you get has a connection type that matches that of your CPU.

The available video inputs include VGA, HDMI, and DVI. Some monitors only have one input, while there are some like asus vg245h with two or more inputs.

The connection types differ in several ways. For instance, an HDMI input produces pictures or videos with better quality compared to VGA input. HDMI inputs also support audio, while VGA does not.

If the available monitors do not have video inputs that match your CPU, you can use the appropriate adapters. They will help you convert a given video input into a different connection type to make the devices compatible.

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Screen Resolution

The resolution is a crucial factor when choosing a PC monitor. Why? The resolution determines whether the images on the monitor will be sharper, which then makes it easy or difficult to use the computer.

When buying a monitor, pick the one with the highest possible resolution so that you can view items on the screen in HD, FHD, or 4K, which is sharper than the other two.

The screen resolution you pick will be determined by other factors that you cannot control. For example, the intended purpose might demand a 4K resolution. However, your budget can limit your options when choosing a PC monitor.

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Refresh Rate

The refresh rate determines the number of times a monitor updates the images on the screen in a second. A higher refresh rate is better because it means that new information is updated quickly, while also ensuring smoother images. This makes it more comfortable to use your computer since every activity or process displayed on the screen goes on smoothly.

If the computer is used to play video games, you should choose a monitor with a higher refresh rate. The characteristic will eliminate the possibility of blurry images while playing certain fast games such as car racing. This will then improve your playing experience.

In conclusion, there are several features to look out for when choosing a monitor, but there are three crucial ones you should not overlook. The first is video inputs, where it is better to choose a PC monitor with multiple inputs such as the ASUS VG245H. The other aspects are screen resolution and the refresh rate.

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