What Teachers aren't Learning

What teachers aren’t learning

Teacher: A nostalgic word

It mesmerizes us the whole journey from kinder garden moments, school life, hobby classes’ hours, college days and a lot! We all have prejudice about teachers that they are strict, always angry and rigorous person and what not. Have you ever thought that what they are losing while teaching us, what they are not learning? What they might lose? What they should know about this concern…? A big question mark, isn’t it?

Teachers are really missing some things…
Daily deal with boring and the same stuff for many years: really, that is the little panic view where teachers have to deal with the same lessons or same stuff and subject constantly. If we get same food every day even if once in day we are totally fed up with that. Don’t we? This is exactly what happens with all the lovely teachers!
Very few changes in the pedagogy of teaching: Yeah! It is surely sure that teachers can’t be on the path that they can bring the changes in the pedagogy of teaching. This may happens due to some particular reasons like those methods are the only effective way to teach or to make learn. Or it can be either the students are only interested to learn in the same manner. So, basically the same old pedagogy sometimes teases our wonderful teachers!

Lack of knowledge up gradation in the subjects:

Most of the times mostly faced challenge that teachers pass through this situation where they are deprived of day to day knowledge related to the specific subjects and topics. The main reason of this can be their limit of serving the knowledge in sense of pre-planned syllabus! So, they don’t need to go beyond their limit due to their exact point in the course!

In a nutshell, teachers are really the real heroes of everyone’s life. It is really a high time to bow down to them or give the grand salute to these lovely ones. Let’s try to work on the things they don’t learn and help them more and more. At this moment if you are remembering any teacher in your life make an instant contact with them, talk with them, laugh with them, ask them the things they want to learn or challenges they are facing, try to solve it and make them happy!

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