Ultimate Cartier Watch Buying Guide

Ultimate Cartier Watch Buying Guide

One of the most desired watch brands in the world is Cartier. We have all heard about the brand’s story and its legacy in the field of jewelry making. Cartier has conquered the jewelry industry and has made a significant impact on the world of watchmaking as well. For investors who are thinking about Cartier as their next watch to invest in, here’s everything you need to.

How to buy a Cartier watch?

Buying Cartier watches is easy. All you need to do is to remember the essential steps, and you are closer to buying a Cartier watch than ever. Hence, to guide you through this process, we have mentioned below the essential points to note.

  • Plan your budget
  • Maintain knowledge regarding the market performance of Cartier watches
  • Find the best Cartier watch dealer
  • Browse through their collection of Cartier watches
  • Verify the authenticity of your chosen watch
  • Pay and obtain your watch along with other accessories

Plan your budget

Yes. You must think of a certain spending limit unless you are planning to go all out. Most collectors work with a specific budget. Therefore, it’s always good to know what your investment limit is on a particular timepiece. Based on that you can proceed to look for sellers and watches to invest in.

Maintain knowledge regarding the market performance of Cartier watches

If you are buying a Cariter as an investment, and not as a passionate collector, it is good to have some knowledge pertaining to its market performance. Every Cartier watch performs differently in the pre-owned market.

Therefore it is important to know where the brand stands today and what its demand is projected to be.

Find the best Cartier watch dealer

If you are in the UAE or are planning to travel to the region, you are likely to find a large number of pre-owned watch dealers. However, only a handful of them are known to deal in exclusive Cartier watches.

Therefore, you must do your research and find out the most trusted watch dealers who offer Cartier as part of their collection.

Browse through their collection of Cartier watches

After having chosen your watch dealer, make sure to elaborately go through their collection and find out which are the most demanded Cartier watches. Based on your research towards the market you will be to understand which watches among their collection are best to invest.

Verify the authenticity of your chosen watch

Although most watch dealers present in the region are certified sellers, it is always advisable to check the authenticity of these watches. You can do so by asking for the original papers or certificates related to the watch.

Subsequently, you can also take the assistance of a watch expert to look for the details of the watch and find out if it’s an original timepiece or not. Once you have confirmed it to be an original and authentic Cartier watch, you can then proceed to negotiate the price of the watch.

Pay and obtain your watch along with other accessories

After completing all the above mentioned steps, you can complete the payment procedures for the watch and collect your Cartier timepiece. In addition to that make sure to obtain the original box and paper of the watch.

When you decide to buy a Cartier watch as an investment, you are looking to sell the watch down the line. Therefore, having its original papers and box, will help fetch a better price, in addition to evaluating its condition.

Best Cartier watches to buy

Cartier produces a range of high-end watches. Their collection is vibrant and elaborate catering to both male and female clientele. Hence, we have curated a list of watches by Cartier that have been performing exceptionally in the secondary markets.

  • Cartier Tank Must
  • Cartier Panthère small case watch
  • Cartier Santos de Cartier large case watch
  • Cartier Pasha de Cartier Chronograph watch
  • Cartier Drive de Cartier Flying Tourbillon

The above mentioned are amongst the most famous Cartier watches that are known to sell for great prices in the secondary market. You are likely to find these watches in great condition and attractive prices in the UAE pre-owned market.

Are Cartier watches worth investing in?

Cartier watches are absolutely worth the investment. Most of their vintage watches are known to fetch exceptionally high prices in the secondary and auction market. In fact, some of Cartier’s most exclusive watches have sold for millions of dollars, making them one of the best watch brands to invest in.

If you are investing in pre-owned Cartier watches, the UAE is a great place to start. The region is home to several well-known watch dealers who specialize in sourcing and dealing in pre-owned Cartier watches. Hence, you can expect to get your hands on some of the rarest watches offered at great prices.

Cartier watches: When jewelry meets watchmaking

A watchmaker that also specializes in jewelry making. Now imagine the refinement and quality of watchmaking they showcase. Cartier is highly praised for creating a perfect blend between high-end watchmaking with inspirations from the jewelry making division.

Their watches come in varied designs that showcase pure class and elegance. Not only that, but based on the growing demand for these watches, you can expect to sell your Cartier for lucrative offers in the pre-owned market. For all your watch investments make sure to delve into the details of the UAE high-end watch market today.

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