Truck Driver's Guide To Staying Healthy

3 Steps’ Truck Driver’s Guide to Staying Healthy

Many articles have been written about a healthy lifestyle for drivers, but most truckers don’t adhere to the recommendations from there. This leads to a sad statistic, as truck factoring companies say: more than 80% of all American truckers are obese. And here there are cardiovascular diseases, difficulties in movement, and a quick pension. To stay at your favorite job as long as possible and live a healthy body, we suggest you listen to our recommendations.

1. Physical activity

A sedentary lifestyle contributes to the deterioration of the body. That is why drivers should watch their physical activity and be in shape.

When to do it? When you are on stop, of course. For example, when you stop to deal with truck factoring on this site, refuel, relax. At this point, you can walk for 15 minutes, wind circles in the cab, do exercises after waking up, and when you’re sitting (but not while driving!). When you have a weekend with your family, do not forget about your health — go in for sports and train hard.

2. Eating healthy

Fatty fast food is definitely not for you. It’s easy to be tempted by its availability and price, but it’s a trap. After a while, you will begin to suffer from obesity, and blood clots may form in the vessels. What should you eat? Homemade and healthy self-made food. Among the possible products are duck, chicken, fresh vegetables and fruits, beans, greens, fish, pasta or hard varieties, and cereals.

There may be a problem with buying these products at gas stations, but we have provided for this as well. Get a portable refrigerator and an oven. With their help, you will be able to transport homemade dishes over long distances and cook yourself fresh meals right on the road, when waiting for truck factoring.

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3. Drink more water

The daily norm for an ordinary person is 0.4-0.5 gallons of water per day. You should drink water, because soda, tea, and coffee don’t count. Also, include drinking water with electrolytes in your routine — it can be found at gas stations, it’s water with special labels. It is saturated with special vitamins and minerals that are useful for your body.

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