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When you head out on a travel adventure, whether a quick weekend away or ticking off somewhere on your bucket list with a three-month jaunt around a continent, you can’t take everything with you, as much you might like to. Depending on the type of trip you’re taking, you might bring just the essentials with you, or you might take a few extra with you to make your trip more comfortable. Below is a list of gadgets that can make any travel adventure that bit more enjoyable.

Portable espresso machine

If you’re powering up mountains or traveling around somewhere that’s colder than where you’re used to, consider making a mini espresso machine part of your travel kit. Technology now means espressos are easy to make in quick time, these items are lightweight, easy to use and feature a small cup, so you don’t have to pack something to drink out of. You just grind the beans and make your coffee, and then sit back and admire the view.


iPads and other tablets are a must-have when traveling. They’re slender, don’t weigh much and spare you the inconvenience of having to carry a laptop around with you everywhere. You can check emails on them, and the technology makes taking pictures while you’re out and about a breeze.


They’re also excellent for entertainment. You can follow your favorite series on Netflix after a day of exploration. You may even fancy playing some poker and trying to win extra holiday spending money, as this a type of technology which enables playing online poker tournaments in real time. Online casino operators, in the battle against their competitors, have specially tailored their services to mobile devices. Online poker is much more accessible now, and you may wish to play a game from the comfort of your hotel room.

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Universal travel adapter

A plug is a traveler’s best friend because they like to charge up their devices so they can stay with others and take pictures while on their travels. A universal adapter which will allow you to power up your devices in different countries is a necessity. Ideally, you’ll want one that charges fast so that your device isn’t without batteries for too long.

Travel shaver

Not being able to stay well-groomed while you’re on the move is frustrating. The excess facial fuzz can make you feel uncomfortable, and you also sometimes recoil in horror when you see yourself in the travel pics later. That’s why it’s worth investing in a travel shaver so you can stay presentable and spare yourself the inconvenience of taking a trimmer, which would take up more space in your bag, as would the charger.

Power bank

Power bank

A power bank is an important device that can help you to charge multiple devices all at the same time. Some of them aren’t just limited to cell phones and tablets, so if, despite being on your travels, you still can’t get away from the office, you can charge up your laptop too and take care of any important business.

Power up your bank before you set out for the day, and then, if you’re short of power for your devices, call upon your trusty power bank to save the day.

Neck pillow and massager

Sleeping on a long-haul flight is often a difficult task, unless you’re already so tired that you doze off automatically as soon as you settle into your seat. If not, sleeping in airplane seating is uncomfortable because of the lack of support for your neck. It’s now possible to get an impressive travel pillow, with a design that supports your neck but will also massage it, so you land in your destination feeling rested and ready to explore, rather than sore and worn out.

Pocket-sized washing machine

If you’re going backpacking, you might consider investing in a pocket-sized washing machine. Well, these gadgets are not so much machines as bags and come with a washboard. Just a couple of liters of water, some washing liquid and a little bit of scrubbing will allow you to keep your clothes fresh while you’re out on the road. It will also save you money on laundry costs.

Convertible backpack

This type of backpack is a really handy one you can transform into a shoulder bag or into a briefcase in just a few moments. These backpacks are light, versatile, durable and the slimline design means you can carry them onto a plane without any trouble. You can use them as a day backpack for going out and exploring, or just as a flight companion. A convertible backpack will be equipped with lots of pockets and compartments so that you can pack it with work and tech essentials easily.

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Fingerprint padlock

Whenever you use transport, whether it’s a plane, train or other vehicles, you want to keep your luggage secure at all times. Fortunately, it’s possible to buy fingerprint padlocks so you don’t have to worry about losing a key or forgetting a code. Instead, the padlock must recognize your fingerprint to open. This type of padlock is easy to use and to program, and you’ll feel much more reassured that any belongings you’ve applied the padlock to are secure.

The gadgets above can enhance your travel experience greatly, whether that’s powering up your devices so you can document your experiences and let everyone know about them, or just help you to stay more comfortable or enjoy some convenience while you’re away from home. Why not invest in some of them for your next trip?

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