5 Tips for Choosing the Top SEO Agency for You

Most internet users don’t go past the first page of Google. If your website isn’t there, you’re not going to get many views. You can correct this problem by upping your SEO game.

If you have people on your team that is experienced with this, you can put them on it. If you don’t, you shouldn’t try to take care of it on your own.

Bad SEO can hurt you almost as badly as not having a strategy in place at all. You’ll need to find a top SEO agency to handle your website needs instead. Keep reading to learn what you should look out for.

Benefits of Hiring an SEO Agency 

Before we talk about what you should look for in a Search Engine Optimization company, let’s discuss why you should look for one in the first place. 

Many small business owners don’t realize how much time and money that outsourcing can save them. They have industry expertise that you may not have, and they can stay on top of all the newest trends. 

It Saves Time and Money

There’s a lot that goes into running a business. Between all the tasks that you have on your to-do list, it might be hard for you to find the time to pour into your SEO strategy. 

It takes hours of researching keywords. If you don’t have much experience, it will take you much longer to optimize your site than it would for a professional. 

On top of shaving off some time, you’ll also save money. Hiring an in-house team involves buying software, paying salaries, and investing in equipment.

As you can imagine, this is a costly endeavor. Most SEO agency packages are a lot cheaper. 

They Have Industry Expertise

SEO agencies have a top-notch team of diverse people on their team. Every web developer and content writer they hire has years of expertise that you may not have. 

Depending on how many years the company has been in business, they’ve seen several companies like yours. They’ll know exactly what they need to do to help you meet your SEO goals. 

Professionals Stay On Top of Trends 

The thing about the world of SEO is that it’s always evolving. Strategies that worked a few months ago won’t do much to increase your rankings today. 

Part of an agency’s job is to stay on top of these trends. They’re always doing research to be one step ahead and help your website adjust to the new standards. 

They’re Efficient

Your website is going to need constant attention to keep your strategy going. If you have an in-house team, you only have so many people to pull from. 

An agency will have a huge team on top of it. Since there are always people working on your website, they can quickly pop in and make crucial changes when you need them. 

1. Assess Your Goals 

Now that you know more about what a local SEO agency can do for you, it’s time to start looking around for a company that can help you with your strategy. 

Before you can begin your search, you’re going to need to figure out what your goals are. Sit down and make an SEO shopping list of sorts. 

Do you want to bring more traffic to your site? Could your web page speeds use a little work? Are you having a hard time finding keywords that rank?

2. Set Your Budget 

You can’t take advantage of services that you can’t afford. That’s why coming up with a budget is one of the most important things that you have to do before you start inquiring about packages. 

Most can range anywhere from a few hundred each month to a thousand or so. You may need to compromise a little on your budget to get the best bang for your buck. 

the worst thing that you can do is go with a cheaper company. You get what you pay for in most cases. If you try to cut too many corners, your rankings will suffer. 

This being said, you shouldn’t go too far out of your budget either. You won’t be able to bring in more web traffic if you can’t afford to pay your SEO company. 

3. Do Your Homework

Now that you have a budget in mind and know what you want for your website, you can start shopping around for the best SEO agency to make that happen. 

This is where you find out if the company can back what they claim they can bring to the table. The first step is to check out online reviews. You can read comments by typing in the company’s name on Google. 

Most SEO companies also have customer testimonials on their website that you can look at. A lot of agencies will also put you in contact with past clients if you ask. 

The next thing you need to do is check to see how the agency ranks on Google. If they can’t even get themselves on the front page, how are they going to be able to help you? 

4. Communication Is Key 

Your SEO agency is going to be working closely with you and your team to work on your website. That means there’s going to be a constant line of communication open between the two of you. 

They’re going to have to stay in touch with you to give you monthly updates on your site. If an agency takes over a week to return an email or call, they might not be able to meet your standards in this regard. 

5. Get a Consultation 

By now, you’ve narrowed down your choices to a single company. Before you shake their hand and tell them that they’re hired, book a consultation. It will give you a chance to ask all your burning questions. 

Take the time to find out how their process works. Talk about some of the strategies that they’ve used for companies in the past.

Again, communication is important. Ask them how their monthly reporting works.

You’re going to need a good working relationship with the agency. It’s much easier to judge a person’s character when you meet them face to face vs. talking on the phone. If something about them seems off during the consultation, this is your queue to go in another direction. 

Red Flags to Look Out For 

Speaking of going in a different direction, it’s best to avoid using a company that puts off any red flags. If they use unethical practices, it could hurt your rankings. 

You’ll spend a ton of money trying to patch up your reputation. It’s not a fun time for anyone involved, except for the company that took your money. 

They Promise Specific Results 

SEO is a long, complicated process. No strategy will put you on the top page of the Google rankings overnight. It will take months of hard work to get you anywhere close. 

A company that makes lofty promises is lying to you. Even if they can fulfill their promise, there’s a good chance that they aren’t using ethical practices. 

A real SEO company will take the time to look at your goals and give you a realistic timeline that you can work with. 

They’re All About Link Quantity 

The strategy for some companies when it comes to links is to cram as much of them into a post as possible. Links, however, are much more about quality than quantity. 

If you use a bunch of outdated links that aren’t adding anything to your content, it will hurt your rankings. You need an SEO company that knows how to find and utilize links that matter. 

They Use Unethical Practices 

When searching for an SEO company, there are certain terms that you need to be on the watch for. One of these is Black Hat SEO. This is a practice that uses weaknesses in Google’s algorithms to push a website to the top of the rankings. 

Needless to say, if your company is caught doing this, you can get into a lot of trouble. Your site could get removed from the search engine. That’s the last thing you want. 

Hire a Top SEO Agency to Handle Your Site 

When it comes to driving traffic to your site, you need to hire a top SEO agency to take care of things. You can implement a good strategy using an in-house team, but there are more benefits involved with outsourcing. 

That is if you find the right company. If you hire an agency that uses unethical practices, it will do you more harm than good. Don’t let that happen to you! 

Are you looking for more tips that will bring attention to your business website? Visit our blog daily for all the latest tips and tricks. 

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