New developments in online entertainment in india New developments in online entertainment in india

Cricket is big in India. But with the 2021 season of the IPL (Indian Premier League) having been suspended as a result of COVID-19, many Indians are turning away from splashing their cash on cricket matches and choosing, instead, to get involved in online gambling and casino games.

Over periods of lockdown, non-traditional consumers have turned to digital entertainment, benefiting the Indian gambling market as increased numbers of people get involved in mobile gaming, online gambling, sports betting, and live casino games. This article will outline what new developments there have been in the Indian online gambling space, as well as suggesting what further changes might be seen over the coming years.

Online gaming in India – what’s new?

Gambling in India is complicated as a result of various laws and regulations, and its complex history in the country. Gambling is regulated at a state level, and many states are still reliant on the 1887 Public Gaming Act to dictate what kinds of gambling are allowed. However, several states do allow gambling – and it is this disparity between state-sanctioned gambling that has provoked a conversation about clearer legislation surrounding online gambling in India.

Over the coming years then, and as greater numbers of Indians either get involved or continue their participation in online gambling, the industry may become more widely available for all Indians, no matter where they’re based. With greater and more transparent legalization of the industry will come better management and more opportunities – including the chance for India’s economy to benefit from such a booming industry.

With all that said, there are further developments in the Indian online gambling market, including the following.

Alternative payment methods

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology may be controversial, but the gambling and betting industries have welcomed these disruptive industries. As greater numbers of casinos globally began to offer bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as alternative methods of payment, the Indian gambling industry has advocated for increased use of crypto-based payments. Despite a battle with the Reserve Bank of India, these were eventually allowed in India. There’s now plenty of competition for the most attractive bitcoin casino in India, and greater numbers of casinos offering crypto-payments are expected to become more widely available across the nation in future years.

Cryptocurrencies have been lauded as making the process of gambling and betting both safer and more secure, as bettors’ financial and personal information is encrypted, ensuring anonymity and confidentiality as well as swift, streamlined transactions.

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Greater eSports features

As already highlighted, Indians love placing bets on their favorite cricket teams. Although this industry may have stalled with the suspension of matches, eSports and simulated sports betting have, in some part, picked up the slack. Indeed, the latter pastime uses real-world statistics and up-to-the-minute information on players, injuries and form to closely mirror the real thing. As such, it’s becoming increasingly popular in India and beyond.

Mobile and virtual gaming

Most individuals now have some kind of portable device. This makes mobile betting and gambling more available on-the-go. Punters can place bets anywhere and at anytime, which has made the Indian online gambling market more available to wider numbers of people. The industry has become aware of this, updating apps and other technologies in order to draw in more players and offering attractive bonuses or promotions for both first-timers and continuing bettors.

With live-streamed casino games and betting experiences, punters can take advantage of sophisticated algorithms to place bets and participate in events as if they were there, offering the excitement of the ‘real deal’ from one’s own home.

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The introduction of VR and AR

It’s anticipated that both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) will revolutionize the online gambling industries globally – and India’s industry will likewise benefit from these technologies.

Players can simulate ‘real life’ gambling and betting through sophisticated VR and AR apparatus and technologies, taking advantage of ever-improving graphics, visuals, and audio design. With greater connection comes greater access, as these experiences look to attract typically non-betting audiences.

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