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Why is Kratom So Big in Indonesia?

Kratom, or mitragyana speciosa, is an evergreen tree growing indigenously in Southeast Asia, especially in Indonesia, Thailand, and Papua New Guinea. It belongs to the coffee family and its leaf was used in traditional medicine to manage chronic pain and anxiety.

Its popularity in Indonesia is not just because of the stimulating effects it provides users, but also because of the financial rewards that local farmers get by exporting the commodity.

The Million-Dollar Kratom Industry

Indonesia has become the main producer and exporter of kratom around the world – thanks to the ongoing popularity of alternative medicine in the West. It has also created a huge demand in the e-marketplace where it is sold either in tea or capsule form.

The main center of kratom production is in Kapuas Hulu in the province of West Kalimantan in Indonesia. It is so big in this part that local farmers have now focused on growing only the tree and abandoned other traditional commodities like rubber. The province and the plant has become synonymous with each other that when you search the place on Google, the search term that will appear is “Kapuas Hulu kratom.”

How did this unfamiliar plant reach such global status? And how was Indonesia able to gain a monopoly of this million-dollar industry?

Here are a few but not so surprising factors:

  • Indonesia’s climate has the ability to grow superior kratom

Although kratom can grow in any place with a temperature of above 65℉, it grows better in a tropical climate like Indonesia. Also. the plant is indigenous to Southeast Asia; thus, kratom that grows in these regions receive the right amount of sunlight and other elements necessary for plant growth.

  • Kratom is legal in Indonesia 

There might be some confusion regarding the laws between the consumption and export of the plant. Growing kratom for export is legal, but local sales and distribution are prohibited.

  • Business skills of farmers

Indonesians have been cultivating and using kratom as a medicine since the nineteenth century. That is even before the introduction of modern technology.

  • Indonesia supports the global market for kratom

Unlike in other parts of the world where kratom is banned, the Indonesian government supports the manufacture and export of kratom. As the main exporter, Indonesia ships 400 tons of the product overseas, which generates US$13 million annually.

  • Indonesia produces some of the best kratom strains

Since Indonesia provides the best climate for kratom growth, they also produce the best strains, which come in different colors – red, white, and green. Also, Indo strains are known more for their energizing effect than their stimulating effects.

Some of these strains include:

  • Super Indo Kratom – It got its name primarily because it came from a kratom variety that has the biggest leaves. That also means that the bigger the leaves are, the more potent is it because it holds more alkaloids.
  • Red Vein Indo – It is known for their relaxing and pain relieving qualities.
  • Green Vein Indo – It is a milder and softer strain that has energizing effects

Buying and Choosing Kratom

Despite the ban issued by the United States government, the popularity of kratom continues to rise in the West. You can find a lot of vendors online and offline but you have to be careful that you are getting the quality you are paying for.

When it comes to trusted kratom sellers, BC Kratom has established a reputation in providing premium quality Indo kratom. But if you’re still wondering which kratom strain is right for you, here’s an overview:

Red Vein Kratom

These are considered the best seller and recommended for first-time users because of its calming and stimulating effects. However, the subcategories in this type also differ in properties and effect depending on their origin. For example, Red Vein Indo is used as a pain reliever while Red Vein Borneo has a sedative effect.

White Vein Kratom

This type is known as a mood enhancer and stimulant. There are some people who use it as coffee replacement for increased alertness. However, the effect of each type of white vein depends on the tolerance level of the person as well as the quality of the product.

Green Vein Kratom

Green strain is a cross between white and red veins, and has a milder effect compared to the other strains. It can also be mixed with either red or white strains for a fuller flavor.

Using it alone, it is said to be an energy booster.

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