5 Ideas on What a Women Should Wear on a First Date

First dates are always very exciting. But what’s nerve-wracking about first dates is deciding what to wear. This is a dilemma we all face. The pressure to dress to impress can get on our nerves. We all want to create a long-lasting first impression, and that makes deciding what to wear a little trickier.

Don’t have a meltdown yet! Stay calm and avoid panicking. The stress you take before your date doesn’t help you. It’s essential to package yourself in a way that makes you feel confident and attracts your date at the same time. Go through our five ideas on what to wear on a first date to find the perfect outfit.

1. Vintage Tee with High Waisted Jeans

Who doesn’t own a cool vintage tee? Even if you didn’t, you could always steal one from your brother’s wardrobe. Pair it up with high waisted jeans and some killer boots. This comfy outfit looks great on everyone.

2. Simple Skirt with Camisole

A simple skirt that fits your body nicely with a matching camisole can create a chic look. You can also use some edgy shoes to spice up this look. Remember one thing. You don’t want to look overdone. So. try sticking with a minimal yet cute outfit as much as you can.

3. Midi Dress with Sneakers

This outfit is the lowest maintenance on this list. Despite being simple, this outfit will win you plenty of compliments. Pick a fun, bright midi dress with a subtle print on it. Pair it up with your favorite sneakers, and you are good to go.

4. Dressy Blouse with Relaxed Jeans

Wear jeans that you feel most comfortable in and pair them with a silk or velvet top. You can add a touch of elegance to the outfit with a pair of low heels. This is both a laid back and a chic look. It will help you create a heart-stealing first impression.

5. Jeans Shorts with Silk Cami

If it’s too hot to wear jeans, then opt for denim shorts or maybe a skirt. Pair it up with a silk cami to add some elegance to the look. A pair of low heeled mules work perfectly for this outfit. This chic summery outfit will make you feel at ease throughout your date.


All women tend to go through the stress of looking perfect on a first date. Whatever outfit you choose, never forget to be true to yourself and stay confident. Confidence is the best accessory women can wear. Any of the outfit ideas above will help you look your best on a first date.

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