How to File Truck Accident Claims: Everything You Need to Know

Working as a truck driver exposes you to several potential accidents each time you hit the road. You must know the proper steps to take for truck accident claims if you’re involved in an accident with another driver. More than six million accidents occur annually in the United States, so having a truck accident case on your hands is not far-fetched.

Having the correct truck accident claim documents is a great start, but you also need to know how to proceed in the event of a truck accident injury. Knowing how to move forward will save you thousands of dollars.

The good news is that you’ve found the best resource to know how to handle the claim filing process after you’re involved in a truck accident. Keep reading to learn more today!

Stick to the Facts

The most critical aspect of filing truck accident claims is always sticking to the facts. Never inject your opinions into the matter, especially when talking with an insurance claims agent. Stating only the facts is the best way to protect your financial well-being. Insurance agents are always looking for ways to save money at your expense.

Talk about when and where the accident happened and the parties involved in the accident. You can also provide your thoughts on the road conditions during the accident. Avoid sharing any information or opinions on any other aspect of the accident, as it could get used against you to put the blame elsewhere.

You should also only answer questions that you know the answer to. Stating that you don’t know is acceptable, which could keep you out of trouble.

Don’t Accept the Blame

Another thing to avoid when filing truck accident claims is taking the blame for the accident. It’s another insurance company trick to pin the blame on a driver to avoid paying out a statement for injuries and property damage. No matter what you think caused the accident, never frame the situation in a way that blames you.

Admitting fault for the accident will result in losing thousands of dollars. Insurance companies will look for every way out of paying money to cover medical bills and property damage. You can view these accident lawyers to get the help you need to fight your case and meet the claim filing deadline.

Accidental admissions of guilt will get used against you during the claims process. It gives insurance agents the leverage to avoid paying you the settlement you deserve.

Don’t Give an Official Statement

Official statements are another thing to avoid when moving through the claim filing process. An official statement will never work in your favor, so it’s best to refrain from providing them at all. It’s a chance for you to slip up so the insurance company can pin the blame on you and save money.

The insurance companies will use your official statement to deny your claims, no matter how valid they are. Don’t provide the insurance agent with more ammo than they already have.

Don’t Cash Any Checks

It’s normal protocol for the insurance company to send you a check after you’re involved in a truck accident. Avoid cashing the checks you receive, as this absolves the insurance company from helping you with your financial needs. It’s tempting to cash that hefty check, but doing so will damage your future and leave you short of the money you deserve.

It’s an acceptance of a settlement offer, whether you realize it or not. Insurance companies use this as a way to avoid paying for medical bills associated with your truck accident injury. You’ll never get the full amount you’re owed if you make this mistake.

Always Review the Fine Print

Another essential step to take when handling truck accident claims is to read over the fine print. You’ll likely receive a settlement offer that seems favorable at first glance, but you must look over the fine print to ensure you have a total understanding of what you agree to.

Your settlement should cover all of your medical bills related to the truck accident, your truck’s damage, and any lost wages that resulted from the accident. The odds are that you’re unfamiliar with the legal jargon in the settlement offer. Seek help from an experienced accident attorney to help you with these truck accident claim documents.

Don’t Accept Claim Denial

Taking the right steps still doesn’t eliminate the chance for the insurance company to deny your claim after the accident. Insurance companies use this strategy to protect their profits since they realize that most claimants don’t know their rights. Don’t let the insurance agent get away with this scummy tactic.

If you’re facing a denied claim, then you need to seek legal help to get the money you deserve. Never settle for less than you’re entitled to after a truck accident.

Hire a Truck Accident Claims Attorney

It’s a good rule of thumb to hire an experienced Tampa semi truck accident lawyer, or one in your local area, to represent you after you’re in a truck accident. You need the best help in the business when you set out to get the compensation you deserve after your trucking accident. An attorney with experience helping injured truckers will know the proper steps to take for the claim filing process.

You’ll have an experienced and knowledgeable advocate in your corner each step of the way. Your lawyer will stand up to the insurance companies and negotiate the settlement that you deserve.

Start the Truck Accident Claim Filing Process Today

If you’ve been injured in a truck accident, then you need to start preparing to file your truck accident claims as soon as possible. Never admit guilt or fault when discussing the accident with the insurance company, and always review the fine print of settlement offers. It’s also wise to hire an accident attorney if you’ve suffered a truck accident injury and you need reimbursement for your medical bills.

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