EM Client Review Best Email App For Everyday Life

eM Client Review: Your Last Email App for Everyday Life

Managing your personal life shouldn’t feel like a full-time job. Having a great email client makes a world of difference to keep track of your hectic life.

There’re thousands of mail clients on the market each offering something a little different – save time and energy by using eM Client. An all-in-one email client offering multiple inboxes, advanced search and organization solutions, a calendar, contacts, tasks, and more – eM Client is the best choice for individuals looking to streamline their personal organization. Here’s what we love the most about eM Client.

Millions of emails? No problem

eM Client has the unique capacity to handle millions of messages – so if your inbox is constantly flooded, you don’t need to worry about missing any emails due to app glitches. Depending on your email provider’s settings, you can send and receive as many emails as your want or need.

eM Client has a few built-in features to make managing large quantities of emails easy:

  • Mass Mail: Send the same message to as many contacts as you want, anonymously or not.
  • Distribution lists: Create distribution lists to easily get in touch with the groups of people you communicate with – from family to more.
  • Multiple inboxes: Add multiple inboxes and easily switch between them in the side panel – without the hassle of logging into each account every time you need to access it.
  • Thread and Conversation View: Depending on your organization preferences, choose thread or conversation view to easily control your group conversations.

Aside from tools for sending messages, eM Client also provides an intuitive organization system so you can customize folders based on your preferences. Each message can be automatically sorted into your desired folder by using rules – so there’s no more need to worry about missing something important because you’re bogged down with promotional messages.

Search at the speed of light

Being able to find exactly what you’re looking for in your inbox shouldn’t take forever. The super-fast search options that make it easy to find a specific message or attachment is what makes eM Client a long-standing crowd favorite. eM Client gives you two search options: a basic search option and an advanced search feature.

The basic search option is useful for when you just need to type and search; with the option to search within specific folders and parts of the message. The advanced search is an easy-to-use feature that lets you complete a more detailed search. With advanced search, you can set parameters including: sent and received times, dates, keywords, tags, and more. This truly makes eM Client a superhero for personal email management – the comfort of knowing you’ll always be able to find what you’re looking for.

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Designed to be super-secure

Email security is a focus point for everyone lately when it comes to choosing the best email client. It’s a necessary concern with our reliance on digital communication and the rise of savvy hackers. eM Client has built in end-to-end encryption that protects your messages from being intercepted by hackers. You can customize your security preferences when you add your account, to ensure that your messages are protected from the start.

eM Client also includes an email-tracking pixel detector – protecting you from having your data tracked from promotional or spam emails.

Don’t get lost in translation

Need to email family, friends, or anyone else who speaks another language? eM Client’s built-in translation tool was designed so you can get your message across no matter what. Translations are enabled by default. Set which languages you understand, and choose languages that need to be translated. The built-in translation tool helps you save time and frustration caused by copying and pasting messages into external translator apps.

eM Client mobile app: coming soon!

Having access to your email, calendar, and contacts wherever you are is important – and that’s why eM Client has been developing a user-friendly mobile app for Apple and Android devices.

Being able to send and receive messages in a minute is a top-priority when you’re managing your mobile inbox on the go. Early tests have already proven that the eM Client mobile application performs better than the rest; sending and receiving messages faster than competitors. The upcoming mobile release will allow you to manage your inbox in eM Client, right from the palm of your hand.

See for yourself – check out eM Client

eM Client has something for everyone. Go to eM Client’s website to learn more about features and licensing options. Are you new to eM Client? Get a free trial on your desktop device – and witness eM Client’s excellent features in action.

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