Benefits of an electric linear actuator, electric actuators Benefits of an electric linear actuator, electric actuators

Electric actuators are growing in popularity. This trend has some reasons. Those are the benefits that come with an electric actuator. That’s why you can find these items in many applications in all the industries nowadays.

What Are The Benefits of Electric Linear Actuator?

Low or Absent Maintenance Cost

Electric actuators are pre-lubricated. They are sealed. Thus, no need for maintenance: there is no need to lubricate them or replace any liquids.

The situation is different with hydraulic actuators. There, hydraulic liquid shall be changed or added constantly. There is a danger that the liquid might leak. It poses a danger to the environment and people. All these risks are completely eliminated in the case of electric actuators.

Electric Actuators are Environmentally Friendly and safe

Electric actuators do not have any liquids. They are put in motion by an electric motor. Thus, there are no leaks and contamination. It makes them environmentally friendly and safe for people`s health.

This feature allows applying them in such industries where any contamination is unacceptable. Thus, electric actuators are useful in pharmaceutics, the food industry, medicine. The fact that they work on clean energy allows companies to take more proper care of the environment by reducing the environmental footprint.

These items do not produce much noise. Normally, if you compare an electric actuator with a pneumatic or hydraulic actuator that has the same power, you will see that the first device is much more silent. It is convenient for applications at home and patient rooms.

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Top Accuracy Level

Electric actuators provide the top level of accuracy in movement and positioning. They are significantly more accurate than hydraulic or pneumatic actuators. This feature is crucial in many industries. That’s why electric actuators are widely in usage at the packaging industry, robotics, the medical industry, and many more fields where accuracy is crucial. Considering that the accuracy of a linear actuator are adjustable to very high levels, we can say that these items are irreplaceable in many regards.

Easy Assembly

Electric actuators come as a single system. Very frequently, you can get them in a set with a switch and remote control if this is our aim. There is no need to assemble them. All you need to do is to fix your actuator in the needed place and to connect the wires. After that, you turn it on and use it.

It in turn bring such results as fewer expenditures connected with professional installation. The time to put an electric actuator in the operation is minimal, thus, there are no or minor delays in production. This also allows for saving costs.

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Final Thoughts

Electric linear actuators are a more recent development than hydraulic and pneumatic actuators. However, its popularity is growing rapidly. It happens so because of the many benefits that they offer. While the initial costs might be but in the long run, this is a cheaper solution than any other. Because it doesn’t require maintenance and the time needed to put it into operation is small indeed.

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