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Around 75% of Americans plan to celebrate Christmas this year, which shows how popular the holiday is. 

Choosing the ultimate Christmas party theme is a great way to show your love for the festivities and throw a bash your buddies will enjoy. But, with so many possibilities, it can be difficult to know what to decide. Maybe that’s why you’re here; you want to find the best theme and are stumped for inspiration.  

Hit the nail on the head? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Here are the eight best Christmas party themes to try out.  

1. Grinch-Mas Party

If you’re on the hunt for the ultimate Christmas party theme, this is for you.

Transform your home into Whoville and ask guests to don their best Grinch costumes. You can encourage kids to flex their crafts skills and create Grinch-inspired decorations for the home. And to complete the event, chuck on the live-action movie and enjoy a hot cup of cocoa.

Or, if you’re a die-hard Christmas fan, celebrate with a Nutcracker party. Decorate the dining table with a nutcracker centerpiece and include Tchaikovsky’s original score in your playlist to complete the theme. 

2. Ugly Sweater Party 

One of the top party themes is an ugly sweater party. Turn the party into a competition by asking guests to wear their favorite festive sweaters, whether it’s their parents’ retro knitwear or a homemade one. Or, go the extra mile by providing old sweaters and craft supplies so that guests can decorate their own with sparkles and pom poms. 

You could even create a personalized hashtag and upload the snaps so that your followers can decide on the winner. Also, ask everyone to bake their sweater-shaped cookies so they can decorate their own. 

3. Gingerbread House Contest 

No Christmas party is complete without a gingerbread house, whether it’s store-bought or doing it yourself. In fact, you could throw a contest by getting guests to compete and create the most creative gingerbread house. For instance, you could choose the winner based on how many gumdrops are used or the house’s height.  

Or, if you’re not a fan of gingerbread, host a Christmas cookie decorating party. Make sure that guests have all the supplies, crank up the festive tunes, and get started!  

4. Christmas Casino Night 

Out of all the Christmas parties, this theme is our favorite if you’ve only got adults on the guest list. This is a great way to get everyone mingling and excited about classic card games like Blackjack and Poker. You can transform it into a black-tie event and hire caterers to provide hors d’oeuvres and keep the champagne flowing throughout the evening.  

You can even take the theme further by having a Vegas Christmas. Install a neon sign outside of your home and hire a live band for entertainment. 

5. Après Ski Party

Another fantastic party theme is inspired by après ski. Bring the Alps home by transforming your living room into a chalet, complete with a fake roaring fireplace. Ask guests to wear their favorite Fair Isle sweaters and hand out mulled wine or cocoa so everyone’s refreshed.  

Or, if you don’t want a boozy event, host a Christmas tea party. Provide guests with tiny tea sandwiches and serve tea in your favorite china cups for the ultimate event. And to make the event more festive, decorate the room with tinsel and whack on the best Christmas tunes. 

6. Christmas Tree Lighting 

The best way to bring everyone together is with Christmas tree lighting. Invite loved ones to bring an ornament to hang on the tree or get everyone to decorate their baubles at your place. You can make the day extra special by decorating the tree together with bundles of lighting and having a dramatic countdown before hitting the switch.  

7. White Elephant Party

If you haven’t already heard about it, a White Elephant party is when guests bring along a wrapped gift. The goal is that everyone receives a “useless” gift, whether it’s a fruit bowl or a mini vacuum cleaner for your desk. When guests are assembled, ask each person to draw a number and go from there.  


To make it more interesting, encourage guests to bring the worst gifts for a hilarious event. And don’t forget to crown the winner for the weirdest gift so there’s a competitive edge.   

8. Christmas Movie Marathon 

The Holiday season is hectic, so why not kick back with a festive movie? 

Tell guests to don their favorite pajamas and vote on several Christmas flicks to watch during the day. For instance, you could put on Frosty the Snowman or Home Alone for a nostalgic time. You can even turn your living room into a Christmas-inspired theater by laying a table with fresh popcorn, holiday cookies, and hot beverages. 

If you’re hosting an adult-only party, turn it into a drinking game where guests drink whenever “Christmas spirit” is mentioned or you see an elf. And if you don’t have the space or aren’t comfortable hosting at home, it’s wise to find the perfect venue for it. If you’re struggling to get started, you should look here for more.  

Our Favorite Christmas Party Themes

Hopefully, you’ll take these Christmas party themes on board for your festive event. 

There are many fantastic themes to try out, whether it’s a casino-themed evening or unwinding with a Christmas movie marathon. Festive lovers should also try hosting a White Elephant party or an ugly sweater event for an unforgettable time. Happy partying!  

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