4 Common Mistakes With Hiring Contractors and How to Avoid Them

In 2022, the median salary in the US was over $54,100 a year. While this is good for employees, it can be tough for small business owners to pay such high salaries.

Turning to contractors for projects can therefore be a wise choice. There’s no salary or benefits to pay for, and these individuals only work with your company for the duration of the projects.

While the contractor talent pool is immense, it’s still very possible to have a bad experience.

Keep reading for four common mistakes with hiring contractors and how to avoid making them.

1. Treating Them Like Employees

Many employers want to have their cake and eat it too. You need to keep in mind that contractors are different from employees, so you can’t have the same expectations.

For example, you can’t force them to follow employee policies, nor can you force them to work in the office. You shouldn’t expect them to work specific schedules or shifts either. You’ve entrusted these people to carry out work on your project, so have faith that they’ll deliver on time with great results.

Make sure you have an independent contractor policy separate from your in-office employees. If you need help with guidelines for contractors, using contractor management services can help.

2. Not Setting Goals

On the other hand, companies can be so lax with hiring contractors that they don’t set goals from the start. This leads to misunderstandings and disappointments on both sides.

When you hire contractors, discuss what you wish to achieve and when the deadline is. You can also have milestones throughout the project to ensure it stays on track.

3. Not Touching Base Regularly

They may not be your employees, but you still need to touch base with independent contractors. This is a mutually beneficial arrangement; not only can they get all the information needed to complete the project, but you can check that they’re on the right path.

On that note, you shouldn’t require them to give you weekly reports. This is something you can only ask of employees, not contractors.

4. Expecting Them to Respond at Any Given Moment

Yes, independent contractors can work whenever they want, outside of a 9-to-5 schedule. However, that doesn’t mean that they should be at your every beck and call.

You need to respect that these contractors enjoy flexibility in how and when they work. As long as they respond in a timely fashion, that should be all that matters.

Don’t Make These Mistakes With Hiring Contractors

Hiring multiple contractors can be a huge help to your company’s larger projects. You can have extra hands on deck when necessary, then scale back to your usual in-office crew to make things more cost-effective.

Just make sure you don’t make these common mistakes with hiring contractors. By avoiding them, you can ensure a better experience for everyone involved.

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