Can Weed Help You De-Stress? 10 Facts About Marijuana for Anxiety

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Suffering from severe cases of anxiety? Do you find it difficult to talk to others or do you panic at night, even when there’s no real threat?

Yes, seeking a medical professional should be your top priority, but did you know marijuana can help too? A lot of people use marijuana and not simply for recreational purchases. If you want a good way to relax, you could also turn to marijuana for anxiety. 

It’s one of the latest treatments for this mental condition. After all, it has a calming effect for most people who use it.

In this guide, you’ll learn some facts that will shed some light on marijuana’s use for mental health. Read on and find out more today.

1. Marijuana Helps With Anxiety as Long as You Control Your Consumption

You have a lot of options when consuming cannabis. Lots of products, like tinctures, gummies, and flowers, are available in the market. If you want to get the most control out of your experience, try the edibles. 

Its main benefit is the preciseness of the dose. Smoking often makes it harder for you to know whether you took too much.

2. Low and Slow Doses Will Help with Anxiety

If you’re using a THC-rich cannabis product, you need to take a low dose to keep anxiety out. Add more THC until you find the optimal level to get the most relaxation. 

For edibles, start by using 2.5-milligram products. Increase it by 1 milligram until you find that optimal level.

3. CBD Can Counteract THC-Induced Anxiety

When you start feeling anxiety due to THC, you can counter it using a few doses of CBD. If you smoke or vape CBD instead of using raw marijuana for anxiety, you’ll get instant relief. 

That’s why most cannabis-related anxiety treatment products have a higher level of CBD.

4. Marijuana Affects Neurotransmitters Related to Anxiety

One of the main reasons why marijuana calms you is due to its effects on the GABA neurotransmitter. With this, cannabis can stop anxiety without a lot of trouble. It’s a natural substitute to prescription anti-anxiety drugs that do the same thing.

Marijuana also lowers cortisol, the stress hormone. But you’ll need to take it regularly to maximize its anxiety-fighting effects.

5. CBD-Rich Marijuana Strains are Better for Anxiety Reduction

If you want a more effective experience, you should opt for CBD-based marijuana strains. In most states, CBD oil is more acceptable and least controversial. It’s well-known as a health product, meaning you won’t get glances from most people.

CBD-based marijuana will often have little to no THC, the compound that will get you high. The best part is that CBD alone is safe, according to medical experts.

The main reason it works is due to its ability to affect the CB1 receptors in the brain. With that, it will make a positive difference to your serotonin levels.

6. Studies Promise Effectiveness

Lots of research focuses on cannabis, with most giving favorable results, especially for CBD. A study that involved human subjects saw significant anxiety decrease when served with CBD. Some studies also showed that using cannabis before speaking in public helped to relieve social anxiety.

7. Marijuana Helps Relieve Other Forms of Anxiety

If you’re experiencing generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), you can take in CBD-rich cannabis products for relief. Recent studies concluded that their animal subjects have more subdued anxiety behaviors. They also observed that their physical anxiety symptoms, like increased heart rates, also improved.

It’s not yet definite for humans since scientists need to do more research. But lots of anecdotal evidence prove that cannabis products rich in CBD will make anxiety better. The good news is that it can also help if you have the following:

  • Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD)
  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Anxiety-induced insomnia

Recent studies show that CBD helped in reducing nightmares induced by PTSD. With this product, lots of people agree that they’re less likely to replay their negative memories. The studies involved tested both marijuana as a standalone PTSD treatment and as a supplement to other traditional methods.

8. Marijuana Might Give Side Effects

Most people consider marijuana safe to use, especially its CBD extract. But some people often experience some side effects like diarrhea, fatigue, and weight changes. Take note, if you’re taking other medications and other supplements, the compounds found in marijuana might interact with it.

Be careful when taking medications like blood thinners. It’s especially the case when it comes with a “grapefruit warning.” Both the grapefruit and CBD will interact with the enzymes necessary to drug metabolism.

If you’re taking other medicine, don’t stop without consulting your doctor. CBD and cannabis will help with your anxiety. But if you suddenly stop taking your prescribed medicine, you might experience its withdrawal symptoms.

9. Some People Get Increased Anxiety from Marijuana

Marijuana isn’t for everyone since it can go hand-in-hand with anxiety. For some people, they might get the opposite experience when using it. It can heighten your anxiety, especially when you’re in unpleasant places.

You’re also likely to experience heightened anxiety if you try using marijuana while trying to hide it. That’s why you need to be overt when using marijuana. If you want to try it out, you should pair it with a glass smoking pipe to get a better experience.

10. Chronic Marijuana Use Can Worsen Anxiety

Some studies show that marijuana is relaxing in short-term use. If you use it regularly, you might end up developing anxiety symptoms. Worse, it can exacerbate your existing anxiety and cause cognitive problems and lead to memory loss.

Try Marijuana for Anxiety Today!

Using marijuana for anxiety still needs a lot of studies to prove its efficacy for human consumption. But if you want an alternative means of dealing with anxiety, give it a try and see how it affects you. Lots of people testify to its role in helping them recover from their panic attacks.

Don’t stop here if you want more useful guides. Feel free to go through our other articles to discover more great tips and tricks.

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