Standing Desk Benefits for Health

The table frames for the electric standing desk products with electric height adjustment allow their customers to change the height of the countertop. With such table frames manufactured by Progressive Automations, customers have the chance to replace their regular tables with an adjustable standing desk that allows changing the working position all along the day as often as customers only wish.

Such table frames allow installing a tabletop from another existing table that the customer considers being more convenient. These table frames have the build-in electric actuator that allows customers to change the height of the tabletop and therefore work the way that is convenient for them. The idea of ​​standing while working is absolutely not the innovation as bright minds of the 19th-century preferred to stand during their work. Among the predominant aspects of standing work is the impressive range of health benefits.

By changing the height of the standing desk during the working day, customers significantly reduce the tension on their spine, neck, and shoulders, as well as reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, along with numerous other dangerous diseases associated with work demanding regular sitting.

Why Sitting Work Kills People

For many people, the proposal to work when standing seems to be nonsense. “It is inconvenient, takes a lot of effort, and does not allow to focus on work,” many would say. However, the audience that prefers this method of work is becoming wider. Now standing desk can be found in the offices of such well-known companies as Google or Facebook.

If previously all employees worked mostly standing – it was a common thing, however, in the modern world, most people prefer exactly to sit in their cabinets and workplaces.  But only a few really know the human body is not adapted to stay in this position during long working hours.

However, people continue to sit everywhere: at work, in their cars when driving to homes after work, in public transport. Then they come home and also continue sitting next to their laptops or books. All this sitting can not cause another effect but affect the health of those people, and here is how:

Many people who prefer sitting lifestyle suffer from overweight, the risk of earning heart diseases increases by 54 percent. This fact was established by the American researcher Peter Katzmarzyk and his colleagues who have examined over 17,000 people in search of proof that sitting lifestyle slowly kills people.

Examinations showed that posture problems, pain in the back and neck, osteochondrosis – all these are consequences of an improper lifestyle. Scientist Thomas Yates in 2012 proved that women who sit three hours a day or less are 30 percent less likely to suffer from kidney disease when compared with those who sit about 8 hours during each working day.

How Standing Desk Can Change Everyday Life for Better

Many would surely say, “If a person works in a standing position, he doesn’t move anyway. There are no reasons to change this habit. However, specialists say that it’s worth to try and here’s why:

When compared with an ordinary way of work, in case of standing desk calories are burned much faster. English scientists headed by John Buckley were able to prove that if a person stands about three hours a day than he/she can burn up to 144 additional kilocalories.

It seems not much, but in a year, a person can get rid of 3-4 kilograms of excess weight.

When talking about a posture. Even if a person sits in a comfortable chair, he/she has to lean forward while working, this consequently leads to back deformation and later to serious problems and pains. However, if a person works while standing, his/her back can remain straight, shoulders feel comfortably unfolded, and lungs disposed of pressure – this way a person can breathe deeply and remain active and what is most important to stay healthy.

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