Simple Things You Can Do Today to Drastically Improve Your Skin Health

People who take care of their appearance know that there are several things to think of. For a healthy body, they do sports. For a healthy mind, they turn to meditation and deep breathing exercises and they read a lot or do other things in order to get rid of negative thoughts. For a healthy soul, it’s important to make a balance between obligations and hobbies. And when it comes to having healthy skin, let’s read the article and see what you can do.

Green tea and a lot of water

Drinking a lot of water and tea sure has a lot of different benefits, one of them being the fact that it’s good for our skin. Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties, which is amazing for those with a red or blotchy complexion. Since hot beverages can worsen redness and other symptoms of rosacea, it’s better to drink it cold and iced. Green tea also contains the epigallocatechin gallate, preventing the collagen destruction that leads to wrinkles as well as sun-induced DNA damage in the skin. So, if you’re used to drinking coffee a lot, consider replacing it with this incredible beverage instead!

Quality cosmetics

Nowadays it’s difficult to find a woman who doesn’t use cosmetics at all. Maybe some women use less makeup, but still, everyone has at least mascara or hand cream. No matter how many products you own, it’s very important that they are of good quality, like the fantastic L’Occitane milks and oils. Our skin deserves to be treated well, and we need to use only what’s best for it. Also, it’s important how we remove makeup. Be tender and use a non-soap cleanser, which is ideal because it helps replace the moisture barrier in the skin.

Watch sun exposure both indoors and outdoors

We all know it’s crucial to watch sun exposure when we are outdoors, but this is also the case when we are indoors, because the sun comes through the windows and the UV rays are extremely penetrating – it seems like you just can’t hide from them! When you are in your house, your car or a bus (basically anywhere where sun rays can reach you), just watch that you always wear a moisturizer with SPF. You can read about the seven best ones according to some beauty experts.

Improve your air quality

Smoke leads to the release of free radicals, which damage skin and hasten aging. If you are a smoker, you should consider quitting, not just for the sake of your skin health, but other well-known reasons as well. If you know a smoker, especially if you spend a lot of time in the company of those who smoke, ask them politely not to do it when you are with them, or to do it away from you, if possible. Try to stay away from smokers as much as you can. Other indoor pollutants can adversely affect your skin as well. You can change the air filter in your furnace regularly and, when cooking with oil, use the fan over your range. You should also know that dry indoor air dehydrates skin and makes fine lines more noticeable. If you want to minimize these problems, run a humidifier in your bedroom.

Get enough rest

Maybe it’s difficult for you to juggle all the obligations and chores with your working time and time you reserve for a hobby, but no matter how busy you are, you need to sleep at least seven hours every night. If you do not get enough rest, you will not just feel tired throughout the day, but your skin will suffer too. The bodies of those who are deprived of sleep release more adrenaline and cortisol, which are responsible for breakouts and other skin problems.

Just like the well-being of your body and mind are important and you need to do things to always keep them in good condition, the health of your skin is also of great significance. These five things are not difficult to do, so if you follow these tips, soon you will witness amazing results when you look at yourself in a mirror!

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