3 Great things to do at Lake Placid

At the Adirondacks and in Lake Placid, spring is very unpredictable. The rental cabins are directly located near the beautiful Lake Placid, which possess magnificent views of the water and Whiteface Mountain.

You can enjoy a great time with a free seasonal outdoor pool, picnic area by the Lake, relaxing in an Adirondack chair by the Lake and free kayaking on Lake Placid. The property is a short walk from downtown Main Street with entertainment, restaurants, and shopping on every corner.

Here are some plans that you should consider while at Lake Placid.

1. Experience a movie at Palace Theater

If you love going to the movies, then you’re lucky. If you’ve planned your stay at Lake placid cabins to rent, going for a movie does not cost much as it would in big cities. You can visit the Palace Theater to see a movie while enjoying candy, popcorn, or drinks and not spend the costly price charged by the city theaters. If the weather is nice, you can go out for a hike or swim, if not, then a movie would be your next best bet.

The Palace Theater is a Main Street’s staple where you cannot miss its charm and presence when talking a walk around town. It’s a theater that is family-owned and still contains Old Hollywood romance movies.

The theater has four screens that always show the latest movies. Visit this spot any day, especially when it’s raining, and there’s nothing else you’d want to do.

2. Go for coffee

During a gloomy day, there is nothing better than a warm drink. You can easily find an ideal spot at Lake placid cabins to rent to read a book by the window while having a cup o’ joe. There are many coffee shops throughout the entire town, which are independent. You can go to ‘Around the Lake Coffee’ to get a completely unique experience. The café’s hot pastry, coffee, and tea choices will provide you with numerous reasons to enjoy your afternoon. The café’s antiques are pretty and make for a setting that is warm and cozy.

Complete your experience by getting an interesting book from an independent, locally-owned bookstore called ‘The Bookstore Plus’ and enjoy reading it. By doing this, you will surely satisfy your coffee fix in a Lake Placid vacation rental.

3. Food and drinks

Where can you find something to eat during your stay at Lake placid cabins to rent when you’re tired of walking around, and you’re hungry?

You can go for a delicious sandwich at Big Mountain Deli & Creperie, where there are a lot of choices. Choose your sandwich and pair it with a warm drink or smoothie.

There’s also a winery tasting room spot too where you can shop, sample, or educate yourself about the different varieties of wine.

A perfect place to observe people is on Main Street. This spot is cozy and contains gourmet, simple offerings that are always fresh. So sip, eat, and plan your upcoming adventure at this glorious Lake. You will leave the place being full, happy, and warm.

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