CBD for Mood Swings and Hormone Imbalance in Women: Does it Work?

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It’s that time of the month when you have to cancel plans, call in sick and just want to be left alone. Every month on different dates close to 90% of reproductive-age women around the world experience dysmenorrhea (better known as menstrual cramps). Symptoms include pain in the lower abdomen that lasts from a single day up to 3 days before the onset of periods.

The pain peaks 24 hours after the onset of periods and then subsides over the next 2-3 days.
For centuries women have tried different remedies to relieve this pain but to no avail. It wasn’t until recently that women began experimenting with CBD to help attenuate cramping and manage hormone imbalance in women.

The use of CBD for PMS dates back to the 16th century when Chinese women used Cannabis to treat Pre-Menstrual Syndrome.

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD has become the go-to remedy for different ailments. CBD is a compound that is extracted from Cannabis. Unlike THC, a compound that is found in cannabis sativa, cannabidiol is not psychoactive.

This makes it an ideal remedy for women hoping to manage hormonal imbalance and Pre-Menstrual Symptoms without the ‘high’ sensations.

CBD for Hormone Imbalance in Women

Israeli scientists first discovered CBD in the 60s. Since then the research into CBD has continued to grow to bring out its medicinal benefits. For hormonal imbalance in women, CBD works in the following ways.

1. CBD Can Help Alleviate PMS Symptoms

Pre Menstrual symptoms are a combination of all the physical, behavioral, and emotional changes that women experience about 1 week before their period. It all goes away once your period starts. These vary from woman to woman.

Some experience all changes at once while others experience just a few. Also, the experience changes as you age. Some of the common physical symptoms include bloating, headaches, weight gain, tender breasts, joint pain, cramps, swollen hands or feet, muscle aches, constipation, and diarrhea.

Common emotional symptoms include mood swings, depression, insomnia, anger outbursts, feeling overwhelmed, etc. While behavioral signs include: loss of mental focus, forgetting things and feeling tired.

Studies show that Cannabidiol has yielded positive results with PMS symptoms such as anxiety and depression. It is also being used to help manage discomfort and irritability, all of which are symptoms associated with PMS. In addition, CBD is a muscle relaxer and can help with your overall body tension from physical to psychic.

It also has anti-anxiety properties and anti-inflammatory that could help reduce sebum production and calm down breakouts.

While current research is not explicitly focused on PMS, its uses and adoption by women continue to increase. Every day more studies are being commissioned to test the viability of CBD as a medicinal product. It’s certainly an exciting time for women and other CBD users.

2. CBD for Menstrual Cramps and Hormone Imbalance in Women

During ovulation, your body increases the production of estrogen. This triggers the build of endometrial tissue in the uterus. After ovulation, the endometrial tissue is left with all sorts of welcome party assortments.

It doesn’t take long before your body realizes that there is no fetus. The progesterone levels begin to decline and the body begins to take back everything from the endometrial tissue.

Without a proper blood supply, the endometrial tissue begins to die. In due time, you begin experiencing pangs of pain in your lower abdomen.

As your progesterone, levels continue to decline, prostaglandins begin to increase. This nasty inflammatory chemical continues to increase and peak during menstruation. They are said to trigger inflammatory responses and stronger, more painful contractions.

Some say that their pain is as intense as that of a heart attack.

To combat this, women are now turning to CBD for menstrual cramps. Consuming CBD oil will reduce inflammation and help improve your digestive system thus attenuating your cramps. It also inhibits the enzyme that produces prostaglandin.

Women with higher levels of this enzyme tend to be heavy bleeders. For better results, you can take a few drops before your period. This will prevent the onset of some of these symptoms.

3. Prevent Mood Swings

One of the common emotional symptoms of PMS is mood swings and it’s largely triggered by hormonal imbalance. Fortunately, CBD oil can help you manage your mood swings by recalibrating your body’s Endocannabinoid system. A few CBD capsules should be enough to recalibrate your Endocrine system to ensure everything runs smoothly during your period.

4. CBD Oil for Menopause

There are three main reasons why women use cannabis products. One is menstruation, the other is sex and the last is menopause-related problems.

Starting at puberty, your body was pumped full of estrogen and this has continued every month. However, as you age, the supply of eggs continues to dwindle and eventually runs out. By the age of 45, your eggs are gone, no more periods and the burst of estrogen ceases. This signals the start of menopause.

Once your menstrual cycles are over the blunt eventuality of menopause commences. You begin to experience issues such as joint pain and aches. This is because of reduced levels of estrogen, which triggers the high production of inflammatory molecules.

Studies show that more than 60 percent of women aged 40-64 experience muscle and joint pain.
How are CBD oil and estrogen imbalances connected? Low levels of estrogen increase the production of inflammatory molecules.

CBD oil tries to combat the production using its anti-inflammatory properties.

Without estrogen, your body burns fewer calories during exercise or when resting. Even if you were to cut down on calories intake throughout your menopause. Your body will still trade in lean mass for abdominal fat.

This raises your predisposition to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and insulin resistance.
Studies show older women who use CBD products have smaller waist circumferences and lower insulin levels. This is because CBD helps the body switch genes for a healthier metabolism. It also buffers the activity of endocannabinoids.

Be sure to learn more about CBD and if possible consult a doctor for the right CBD dosage.

CBD as a Solution for Hormone Imbalance in Women

In addition to buying high-quality CBD products, it’s important that you choose an optimized delivery method and dosage. For example, oral CBD oil takes longer to kick in but lasts longer while vape pens have immediate benefits but dwindle in less than 2 hours. Try oral CBD oils to manage hormone imbalance in women.

For mood swings and cramps, you can try vape pens.

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