Sucking Face With Brace Face: Your Step-By-Step Guide to Kissing With Braces

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We all want straight and beautiful teeth. But we have to endure some less-than-attractive steps to achieve a beautiful smile.

Getting braces is one of the most unpopular decisions many adults have to make. Not only that, but more adults are wearing braces — especially if they never got them as kids.

But getting braces means you have to re-learn certain tasks, such as eating. Unfortunately, kissing becomes a challenge after you put on braces.

Don’t worry, things don’t have to be as awkward as when you were a teenager. If kissing with braces is becoming a struggle, follow these steps and smooch away!

Take It Slow

Yes, when things get heated, all you want to do is grab your partner and furiously kiss them. Avoid this after putting on your braces. Take things slowly. Start off with little smooches and until you become more comfortable.

In addition, you shouldn’t start kissing until a couple of weeks after getting the braces on. Your teeth and gums will hurt, making kissing a less-than-desirable experience.

Only Use Close Lipped Kisses

While you may love French kissing, this isn’t ideal when you have braces in. At least, not at first. Stick to close lip kissing. It’s also easy for other things to get caught in the metal.

For example, what if your partner is chewing gum? Sharing gum may have been sexy before getting braces in, but will become a nightmare when your partner sticks the gum directly on your teeth!

Keep Tongue Away From Braces

What if you become more comfortable and want to slip some tongue? If you’re up to it, then try. However, tell your partner to be careful of your braces. This is detrimental to your partner — they could cut their tongue on your braces.

Brush Your Braces

One of the most unattractive aspects of braces is how easily food gets caught in-between the metal. Make sure you brush your braces before a steamy makeout session, to ensure there’s no food that can ruin the mood.

Switch to Invisalign

Do you just hate braces, whether or not you can kiss with them? Switching to Invisalign may be worth it. Not all patients qualify. But more orthodontists are opening up clear retainer services to patients.

Invisalign are clear retainers you can take in and out, and you can kiss with them in. If they interfere, just take them out. But keep in mind, the longer they’re out, the longer it takes to fix your teeth.

If this seems like the better option for you, ask an orthodontist such as jacobusortho.com.

Kissing With Braces: It’s Not Impossible!

Braces aren’t the sexiest thing in the world. And kissing with braces turns down the heat a little bit. It’s normal to not know how to kiss after getting braces put on.

Just be careful of opening your mouth too wide, using tongue, and eating before kissing. If kissing is still unpleasant, see if you can switch to Invisalign. Contact us to discuss your options.

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