Is XNSPY the Smartest Xiaomi Android Spying App Yet?

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Spying apps are all the rage nowadays. With more and more android phone brands releasing new models every day with more and better features, it is almost impossible to find an app that checks all the right boxes. Indeed, it is difficult for the developers to cover all the brands and models and provide the features that are perfectly compatible with every phone. However, not all spying apps are created equal. Xnspy is an app that claims to be compatible with all major smartphone brands and models.

With Xnspy Xiaomi Android spying app, you can track phone activity, receive notification alerts and even control some smartphone functions. For an affordable price, Xnspy packs all the features you need in a smart spying app.

So let us take a closer look at the app and how it functions.


Speaking of compatibility, Xnspy has a complete integration with all the major Android phone brands. Installing Xnspy on an Android is particularly convenient especially when compared to its competitors.

Smartphones are the most versatile device that we own. Every brand has its own UI and every new model comes with some software and hardware improvements. As a result, it becomes impossible for any software to stay aligned with these changes.

The good thing about Xnspy Xiaomi Android spying app is that it is compatible with the latest Android Oreo 8.0. Besides, it can be used with the previous versions of Android OS. In addition, it’s not just Xiaomi phones that it supports, you can use it on any Android device. For more information about compatibility, you can visit their website where they have a dedicated section for checking the compatibility of a phone.


Installation is a tricky facet of the spying apps, and sometimes, it intimidates the users a lot. One of the reasons the users hesitate in using these apps is the trouble of rooting the Android phone. Rooting not only creates complications in installing the app, but it also adds to the cost of using the app.

Luckily, Xnspy users do not need to root their Android phones to use Xnspy. All they need to do is to subscribe to the app at An email will be sent to their mailbox containing a download link, user credentials, and download instructions. Use the download link on the target phone to download the app. Install the Xiaomi Android spying app after it is finished downloading and the app is ready to use.

Design and Interface

If you have ever used a monitoring app before, one thing becomes immediately clear: Xnspy is designed very well. You will find it intuitive and easy to use. Most importantly, it works consistently well across the entire Android experience.

A user can log in to the Xnspy account through the web portal or by downloading the dashboard app through Google Play Store. The app interface is straightforward and self-explanatory. All the features are aligned to the left side of the screen. The detail of each feature is displayed on the right side of the screen.

The interface also displays a graph of calls made on the phone at a given time period and map showing the previous location of the phone. The app design may not be that attractive after all and one may get sick of the red contrast, this is where Xnspy needs a little work.


There are many features that the app has to offer. Here are a few notable mentions:

Create Watchlist: This is an intelligent feature for effective and specific spying. Since the app offers the option to see all the contacts, calls, and messages, it becomes difficult to sift through all of them. If you do not want to go through a bulk of information, then Xnspy gives you a choice of seeing selective information through its ‘Watchlist’ feature. It will only give you alerts about specific words, locations, emails, and contacts.

Location monitoring: Xnspy Xiaomi Android spying app intelligently records the location of a Xiaomi phone and uploads it to the account. An internet facility is required to upload this information in real time. However, in case the internet is not available on the phone, it will keep recording the information and upload it as soon as the phone is connected to a Wi-Fi.

Advanced features: Beyond the basic features, Xnspy packs several advanced functions. If you want more control over the phone, then you can remotely record surroundings of the phone. The remote control features are so potent that you can even erase the whole data on the monitored Xiaomi phone.


Xnspy Xiaomi Android spying app offers two distinct packages separated on the basis of their features. Their names are:

  1. Basic
  2. Premium

With the basic package, you can take advantage of the Xnspy’s core features including access to the call history, incoming and outgoing text messages, and view all contacts. This service is available for as low as $8 per month. You can upgrade to a premium subscription that gives you expanded control on the monitored phone. Advanced features like accessing emails, monitoring keystrokes, and geo-fencing are all included in this package. The premium package is available for as low as $12.50 a month. Both these packages can be subscribed for different durations. You can choose to subscribe for monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscriptions. One subscription can only be used for one device which is one drawback of the app.


  • The app is affordable and can be subscribed for as low as $8.33 a month.
  • Xnspy is compatible with almost all the Android phones and supports the latest Android Oreo OS.
  • The user does not need to root the device before installation.


  • Xnspy does not offer multi-device support, you have to subscribe again for monitoring an additional device.
  • The design may seem too simple at times and the contrast is monotonous.
  • Xnspy does not offer a trial period so there is no other way to use the app except buying it


Xnspy rightfully stands not only as a Xiaomi Android spying app but also for overall Android family. You will find it helpful for all as it has the right mix of standard and advanced features.

Although the app lacks multiple device support and somewhat has a simple design, it’s the support, compatibility, UX, and performance that makes it an app worth paying for.

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