Diamond Shapes That Appear Larger Than They Are

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If we look at recent trends in engagement rings, it seems that bigger is better in terms of diamond shapes. But, not everyone has the budget for a massive bit of bling. Picking the right shape for a diamond, though, can make the stone appear bigger. Let’s take a look at the most popular diamond shapes that appear the largest.

1. Round Diamonds

A round cut diamond isn’t cut quite as deeply as other types of diamond cuts, which helps to make it look bigger than it may actually be. Take a look at https://diamonds.co.nz for an excellent selection of round-cut diamonds.

2. Oval Diamonds

Oval shaped diamonds appear bigger because the stone is actually elongated.

3. Marquise Diamonds

While the marquise cut might not be as popular as it used to be for engagement rings, it is another cut that appears larger thanks to the stone’s elongated shape.

4. Emerald Diamonds

It’s the same for emerald cut diamonds. Their rectangular shape makes the diamond look bigger than it really is.

5. Halo Diamonds

Halo cut diamonds have a ring of smaller diamonds that surround the main stone, which can be rectangular, round or square. The ring of smaller diamonds means you get a rather large ring without a massive centre stone. The smaller diamonds around the main stone also cost a great deal less than the price of a larger main stone. Take a look at ideas at your premier online provider.

Diamonds That Look Biggest Might Not Be Best

You should remember that the size of a diamond isn’t the only thing that makes the ring perfect. Picking a diamond with an “ideal” cut grade ensures that is reflect light and sparkles beautifully. What’s more, the colour of the diamond also affects its brilliance and appearance. A well-chosen ring of a smaller size can easily outshine a poor quality, larger diamond each and every time.

What’s more, the metal you choose is also important. The bright, beautiful glow of platinum can make pretty much any diamond appear larger. But, don’t just choose this kind of metal just because it makes diamonds look bigger. An engagement ring should be made of a metal that you wear most often and that suits your lifestyle.

Picking the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

Before you pick an engagement ring, you ought to try on a number of rings with different cuts, shapes and sizes of diamonds. Certain cuts might look better on your finger based on the length and size of the finger. So, experiment with different settings and size and shape of prongs, too.

One of the best ways to approach diamond shopping and narrow down your choices is to have a budget in mind. Knowing how much you can realistically afford to spend means you can then experiment with a range of combinations of cut and style within budget. Then, you can decide what features and size give you the most for your money.

Your diamond ring is supposed to be a treasured possession and one you’ll wear for a long, long time. Take your time looking at different shapes and sizes of diamonds so you find the best one for you.

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