Easy Ways to Improve Your Backyard Privacy

One of the greatest things about living in Australia has to be the beautiful climate and the bright, shining sun. While the summer months may be starting to wind down now that Christmas is over, many Aussies still have a fair few family get together to get through, and what better way to spend those times than out in the garden having a barbie?

Of course, the one drawback to entertaining guests outside is that it is harder to guarantee our privacy, whether it’s nosey neighbors or curious passers-by, the backyard can sometimes feel like a very exposed, and not very private, setting. Fortunately, there are a whole bunch of really simple things that you can do in order to improve your backyard privacy.

Privacy Plantings

Privacy plantings are a very popular way of raising privacy standards while also maintaining the overall aesthetic of your yard. Put simply, privacy plantings involve the strategic planting of trees and other plants so as to obscure other people’s view of your yard. The great thing about privacy plantings is that, unlike artificial structures such as fences or screens, trees and plants are entirely natural.

Many homeowners prefer them because they are less aggressive and ‘in your face’ than erecting walls and fences.

Layered Privacy Plantings

If you have a larger yard, then you might want to think about planting a layered privacy wall, using a mixture of deciduous or evergreen shrubs. By using perennials you can not only create a more natural look, but you can also control what areas of your garden are open and visible at different times of the year.

By strategically planting deciduous trees, you can effectively block the view from any tall buildings that surround your property. They can also form effective canopies over a patio, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors even when it’s raining.

Artificial Structures

There are a number of options for artificial structures which protect your privacy. Fences and walls are common choices but, while these are undoubtedly effective, they can jar with the aesthetic of your garden. There are now a number of companies who can offer homeowners newer designs which are designed to blend in more naturally with their surroundings.

As well as barriers such as walls and fences, there are also small buildings designed for the garden, and these outhouses are becoming ever more affordable and popular. If you think something like this would benefit you, not only by giving you some private space but also allowing you to work or study from your garden, then structures like an arbour can completely change your garden aesthetic without detracting from the natural look you have curated.

There are few pleasures in life that are quite as simple and as universally enjoyable as entertaining family in the backyard. The humble barbecue is about as Australian as it gets, but it can be off putting having nosey neighbors and others looking in on proceedings. Adding some simple privacy features can make all the difference for both you and your guests.

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