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Running Train and Running Life  

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Trains always conjure up romantic images of long-distance travel across scenic landscapes. Travelling by train is also a much leisurely experience because you are within the compartment for a good number of hours before arriving at your destination. This gives one time to open up to other passengers and strike up interesting conversations, some of which create memories for a lifetime. This leads one to think, is travelling by train quite similar to our journey through life? Maybe in some ways, it is.

 #1 Encountering different people

Of course, you won’t get this luxury travelling in a private compartment. Travelling in a general coach, however, is a completely different picture. You come across people from across the spectrum—young, old, the employed, students, the poor, the not-so-poor, there’s a lot of diversity. And one has to make the journey worthwhile for all. It is pretty much the same with life. We meet many different kinds of people, some of whom create lasting impressions on our minds. Others shape our lives in the most fundamental ways.

 #2  Coming across intermediary stops

Running a train is a long journey. You rarely arrive at your destination directly. You almost always need to make several steps and spend some time there watching passengers leaving and getting on. Some of those might be people who started the journey with you, while others will join you later. Similarly, in life we come across moments when the people who were with us all this while change direction to continue with their own journeys, which reminds us of the fact that we all have our personal journeys to complete in this life.

 #3 Taking in the views

Train journeys are not the most productive of ways to travel. For a large part of the journey, all you can do is sit back and look out of the window. There are times when life throws things at us we can do nothing about. We have to resign to the fact that the power mightier than us is controlling our fate and all we can do is take it in the best spirit. A train journey is also like running life because it gives you time to take a step back and contemplate on things passing by us. Perhaps this is a good way to get some perspective about life.

 #4 Unfortunate events

A train journey is also about loss in some ways. You lose touch with people who became friends on the ride. People losing their luggage or other belongings is also a fairly common occurrence. And, as any accident lawyer like Pottroff&Karlin will testify to, accidents on railroad tracks are fairly common. However, things get resolved and the train resumes its journey at full speed. Something similar happens with life too. One experiences loss, death, failure, but ultimately the journey cannot stop and we keep moving onward to our destination.


A train journey tells a lot about life. The more efficient the engine, the better the journey. The same can be said about life. The clearer we are about our destination and track, the easier it becomes for us to complete our journey safely.


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