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5 Things to Consider Before Buying an Android Phone  

Are you looking to buy a new Android phone? Don’t do it just yet but wait until you’ve read this post. We’ll give you tips that ensure you find just the right Android phone and that you don’t end up wasting your money. These are the five things to consider before buying an Android phone – if you follow these tips, you’ll end up with a good new phone and a happy mind.

1. Don’t buy a newly released Android

You should never buy a phone as soon as it has launched. You’ll end up paying the highest price and you might not even end up with a phone that has good reviews. You see, most phones don’t reveal their true colours until they’ve been used by lost of people around the world. You should, therefore, wait for a few months and see what people are saying about the Android phone. Then, you will know whether the features that matter to you work with the phone or not.Gadget Unit and other similar sites are great for actual, helpful reviews!

It’s also helpful to wait to ensure you don’t end up paying yourself sick. The price is always the highest on release – but the price will start dropping after just a few months. Furthermore, retailers start putting up sales on newer phones that might not be selling as well. By just waiting for three months, you can cut the price by up to 10% – waiting is worth it.

2. You might not need a flagship phone

Talking about the money you need to think about one thing. Do you really need a flagship Android? Flagship Android phones are the most expensive – they are actively pushed by the manufacturer and include many funky features. However, you need to consider if you actually need those specifications to have an enjoyable phone.

It sounds cool to have a billion trillion memory on the phone and be able to stream the best 4k video on your phone. But do you need this? If you don’t have an unlimited budget, then you must carefully consider which features are something you require and which just an added extra.

List the functions you actually require from the phone and those that you think are cool but not needed. Be brutally honest –you might not really use your phone to much more than texting and browsing and you really don’t need a flagship phone to do this.

3. Older models are definitely not obsolete

With that in mind, you shouldn’t overlook the older model Android phones. Just because the hardware is slightly dated, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t feel like a brand new phone when you get it – A new Galaxy S6 will still feel and behave like a new phone, even though it isn’t the latest model in the franchise.

Modern smartphones are really just worn down by the use. If you’re used to Online Savings Hack, then you know that a new experience doesn’t always require the newest item – you just need to make sure the phone is new and new to you!


4.Avoid buying an Android with a contract

If you can, it is often much cheaper to buy the actual phone than to get it as part of a contract. You will always end up paying more on a contract – that is how these operators are making money.

The best option is to buy a phone outright and then look for a contract that doesn’t come with many strings attached. When choosing your contract, you should also be realistic with the data plans – some people end up paying for data they don’t even use.

5. Look beyond the obvious

The great thing about shopping for an Android phone is that you have manydifferent options. With the iPhone, well, you don’t get many options but with Android, you have tons of manufacturers and brands to choose from. You really should take advantage of this and look beyond the most popular Android phones. Samsung, HTC and Sony are the most common options but there are plenty of other brands to consider.

Huawei, OnePLus and ZTE have a range of Android phones that are budget-friendly and come with plenty of functions. When you are browsing Android phones, make a conscious effort to look beyond those most sold phones and brands. Just because a phone isn’t popular, it often doesn’t mean it isn’t good. A lot of the times people just haven’t heard about a phone and then no one really tests it out. Phone users can sometimes just follow the trends.

When you are thinking about buying an Android phone, you want to keep the above tips and pointers in mind. They will ensure you find the right phone for the right price.

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