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10 Simple Things You Can Do Every Day to Be Happy

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“I think it’s important to find the little things in everyday life that make you happy”
– Paula Cole

Men have always been hunting behind wealth and happiness. But the important thing he forgets is that wealth and health aren’t the things that make one happy. There are other things too… things that were always before him all through his life but failed to realize its value. Defining happiness is way too difficult. According to science happiness is a state of mind which varies from person to person. But despite the indefinable nature of happiness, it has a universal appeal. Everyone strives for it, but not everyone will reach it.
Happiness is a choice. It depends on your attitude towards life. The way you see it, the way you live it, the way you take choices.

So, Here are 10 simple things that you can do every day to keep yourself happy.

1. Wake Up Early

Waking up early has a major role in keeping you happy. It’ll always give you a fresh and renewed way to start the day which leads to a great day. It has also been proved that mornings are high times where you can boost up your focus and productivity. This also brings a discipline in your life.

2. Exercise Daily

Every machine wears out if it isn’t even used regularly. Our bodies are machines too which require regular exercise for its perfect function. Keeping your health in a better condition is also a way to be happy. Exercises also increase the rate of blood flow in your brains which helps in keeping you fresh and sharp.

3. Sleep More

For a human being the average number hours he/she should sleep is in the range 7-9 hours. Sleep is the only way where our body finds itself to recover all the damages from the day and repair them. So the lack of proper sleep or plentitude of sleep does its own impact on the body itself. Who amongst us would love to wake up with a body ache?

4. Shorten Your Commute

A long commute is stressful and tiring at the same time. How tiring would it be if your company is situated hundreds of miles away from where you live? If you can move closer to where you work or work closer to where you live, it would be the best move you can take to be more productive and happy.

5. Keep a Diary

Start a habit of writing a diary. By doing this you can open up yourself to your diary just as your best friend. Note all the things you came across in a day in your diary. Pick a suitable time and place where you are comfortable. Reading this journals or diary after a while will definitely help you to stay happy.

6. Find Time For Friends & Family

These are the two groups of people who have been always with you in your ups and downs. We are happy when we have a family, we are happy when we have friends and almost all the other things we think make us happy are actually just ways of getting more family and friends. Find time to spend with your family and friends before you regret it, because time flies.

7. Self-acceptance

Are you happy with what you have now? This could be the toughest question you can ever answer!!! We are never happy with what we have and what we will get. We need more…more than our neighbors have …more salary…and the list goes on and on. Self-acceptance is the most valuable virtue we need to train upon. Try to be happy with who you are and where you are. Accept this is you and be happy with your life. The world will be a much more beautiful place to live on if everyone shared the same view.

8. Forgive Yourself

Now, this one is the hardest part. People blame themselves for all the wrong decisions they have taken in their life. We criticize ourselves and brings down our confidence. We got just the right answer for guys who blame themselves. “Love Yourself”!!! The moment you learn to love yourself you’ll start loving others. Loving yourself means you do accept that you are stuck inside your own imperfect skin. Try looking into the mirror and say, I Love You and I Forgive You every morning you wake up.

9. Meditate

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Meditation is a great strategy you can you try to keep yourself in your happy side. By meditation, you can tame your inner self to be happy all the time. Breathing is an important part of meditation. So by controlling your breathe you can control your emotions too. Try playing your favorite soothing music as you meditate. This will create the perfect mood for meditating all around the room.

10. Smile

A smile costs nothing…But gives much. A fake smile on your face hiding emotions just worsens your moods more. Always think positive thoughts and keep smiling. A smile on your face can make someone’s day.


Happiness can mean same for everyone but the ways to obtain them will be unique for each and every one. Try to find happiness in little things that happen in your life. Know your goals and dreams and try making your life accordingly. Every phase you cover will definitely bring you happiness.

Stay happy and keep smiling!!!

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