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How Being Critical Can Earn You Friends?

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Customarily, being critical is decoded in a highly pessimistic sense. For the most amongst us possessing that attribute is ‘wrong’. But I say that it can earn you friends, true friends, and not foes or haters, as it is generally expected. It just requires the right kind of friends: understanding, astute, introspective- the people that can welcome your critical comments as a way to improve things or gain a broader and meticulous perspective.
Other than people not accepting criticism as it should be or is meant to be, being critical in portrayed in a negative light because of many people misinterpreting the fundamental meaning of it. It just doesn’t mean expressing adverse or disapproving comments or judgements, but also expressing an analysis of the merits and faults. For the same reason it can help you earn friends. Below I explain the 5 very clear points explaining ‘how being critical can earn you friends’.

1. You Give The Correct Reviews.

You Give The Correct Reviews

If you are critical, people rely on you to attain the accurate reviews. Whether their outfit is dope or their presentation was a fail, they trust your answers because the others don’t really let out what they are exactly thinking and worry about giving the true judgement; which is actually what makes you get along with them.

2. You Are That True Friend

If you have one true friend you already have more than your share thomas fuller

We all have or had those phony friends that give out sometimes fake, long appraisals while thinking all sorts of opposites in their heads. In the long run, their sham or falseness turns out to be annoying and useless. This is where you are trusted. You don’t believe in those fake, positive analysis and hence could also be counted on to give opinions whenever the right decision has to be taken.’

3.You are Considered AS SMART.

A Critical Mind is a Smart mind

As I mentioned above, being critical also involves analyzing the merits and faults and that very quality of yours can make you deem smart. Being able to come upon a dialectic opinion, by reckoning the two sides, is indeed smart!

4. You are RARE

If you can criticize straight to the face, you are amongst the golden species in the virtual world of 21st century. You are not that boring human, with a boring opinion. People usually enjoy your company as they have a chance of learning and developing with you!

5. You Get A Real Friend in Need.

Honest people do not have many friends but the ones they have are truly genuine ones quotes

If you can criticize straight to the face, you are amongst the rare species in this time of virtual world. Being critical takes lots of courage and patience. Not only that it also testes your friend and the friendship, how loyal it is or can be ahead. You can have a real ‘ friend in need, a friend in deed’.

So if you are considering changing that critical attitude of yours due to any glorification of the opposite then reconsider it! And do keep in mind that the right type of ‘critical’ is also essential. It’s about analyzing both: merits and demerits, and not just grumbling about everything in the surrounding!

That is why Sir Nicolas Boileau, a noted French Poet said
“Ignorance is always ready to admire itself, Procure yourself critical friends.”

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