7 Situations when Working Less can make You More Productive

7 Situations when Working Less can make You More Productive

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Work is the source of life these days as our lives revolve around the work we do. Steve Jobs said, “The only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work.” The modern day mantra is “Work hard and you will succeed.” There is no denying the fact that it is in fact true that hard work is the key to success but this is often misinterpreted and people tend to work hard but it’s worthless because it’s not productive. There is a thin line where hard work becomes no work at all.

So here are 7 situations when working less can make you more productive –

1. A Lot on the Plate

7 Situations when Working Less can make You More Productive

Humans are talented and believe in multi-tasking but this multi-tasking often leads to lowering of the efficiency of the task because it divides the attention. You should never have too much on your mind and should always focus on one thing at a time. So let your focal point be a single thing and it will lead you to channelize all your efforts and ideas towards the right job. This will mean that you will work less and gain more. Even great minds like Leonardo Da Vinci said, “The greatest geniuses sometimes accomplish more when they work less.

2. Health Comes First

7 Situations when Working Less can make You More Productive

Stress and ill-health is the ultimate killer of one’s own personality. People who believe in “Work is worship” often forget that even the human body is a temple and needs to be taken care of. When your work comes in the way of your health, it’s an indication for you to stop and take it easy. “Most people work hard and spend their health to achieve wealth. Then they retire and spend their wealth trying to get back their health.” – Kevin Gianni. What is the worth of a life full of work if not lived in a healthy way?

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3. Having A Healthy MIND is just as Important as Having a Healthy Body

7 Situations when Working Less can make You More Productive

Relaxing, recreations, taking a break are few of the things that play an important role in keeping our mind healthy. It is very important to have a stress free mind in order to function efficiently and effectively. Working a little less and taking out some time for yourself will only make you feel better and much more active. “Why take breaks if you love your work?” is the old saying. Believe in this new one, “For the love of your work, take a break!” So work a little less and enjoy a little more.

4. Keeping Some-Time Aside for Your Hobbies

7 Situations when Working Less can make You More Productive

As people grow up, they often tend to forget the little joys of life which they gained when they did something. Something as simple as to paint or to sing. So it has become very indispensable that people start reliving those moments of pure joy. Take out some time off of your daily schedule to focus on your hobbies for it will help you in becoming a much happier person and in turn in affect your work in an essentially positive manner. In the words of the great playwright George Bernard Shaw, “Happy is the man who is living by his hobby.

5. Spending Time With People Who MATTER

7 Situations when Working Less can make You More Productive

The love of family and the admiration of friends is much more important than wealth and privilege.” Said Charles Bishop Kuralt, an American journalist. This is true in every sense because money cannot buy you the happiness that spending time with your loved ones can. There is a great irony that exists in our society. People work hard day and night for their families but in the stress of working they end up ignoring them which ultimately kills the purpose. So instead of working endlessly, socialize a bit. This will not only keep you happy but will also help in your professional progress.

6. Strive for Progress not Perfection

7 Situations when Working Less can make You More Productive

Maxim Gorky saying, “When work is a pleasure, life is a joy! When work is a duty, life is slavery.” feels right because pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work. Perfection not in terms of quantity or quality but in terms of the purpose. The main aim of the work should be to learn something every day and that will only happen if you give yourself the time and space to learn. Working endlessly for hours and gaining nothing is so much worse than working less and still gaining. So don’t stress on working too hard because it will lead you nowhere in the long-run. Instead focus on keeping it simple and work to achieve progression.


7 Situations when Working Less can make You More Productive
It’s not an issue of Wants vs. Needs. It’s an issue of Wants vs. Priorities.” Jamie Munson said. People want a lot of things in life and so they end up giving priority to things that don’t even matter too much. The work they do becomes the centre of their life and their sole priority is to earn wealth. But what about inner peace and satisfaction? There is no end to this greed and never will be. Working hard sure mints money but it does not always ensure development. “Focus on being productive instead of busy.” Said American author, entrepreneur and public speaker, Tim Ferris. People must understand the importance of efficiency and work on it to achieve it rather than blindly and endlessly working and moving towards oblivion.

Change your priorities and change your life. It’s that simple. Life will be much better if we learn to balance our work with our own capacity. The world sure is tough and one needs to work hard to survive in it and face all the challenges but not at the cost of his/ her own self’s happiness, peace of mind and body and choices. Strive to achieve success but tag along a path that helps you to be sane all along.

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