Uncomplicate the complicated

How to Uncomplicate the Complicated?

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Quite often these days, most of us tend to give up easily. It is difficult to stay rooted till the end but have you really thought why? The world is the same, the jobs are the same, the challenges are same, it’s just the magnitude that varies.

There was a time when you didn’t even know how to stand up, you crawled, you took support, you fell and again stood up. It seems to be an easy job now but at that age, it was grossing as anything.

Similarly, when you started riding a bicycle – ‘Balance’ was what you tried to attain right ? A similar ‘Balance’ is what we aim at attaining in our lives today. Somehow after persistent efforts, you attained it.

Same was the case when you learnt to drive a car. The feet used to get numb and hands stiff, and the road seemed like a demon which would eat you. But then, you learnt how to manage it and that same road is a pal to you when you hang out with your friends.

You did this, You did that. You learnt and unlearnt many things in life then why do you worry now? Why do you feel like giving up when you never did before?

Everything takes time to settle. We, humans function in a manner that we need time to adjust and learn new things, then we gain perfection through persistent efforts. That short period is what we call a ‘Gestation Period’ in Biological terms. We took 9 months to develop from a single cell, a single cell! How small is that? You can’t even imagine.

Then why have we started thinking that we can’t do it? We have always done and never ran away from it. It’s all about persistence and perseverance. We need time to train, to learn and once its done, no one can stop us.

Never shy away from a sincere effort at anything you wish to do, just go for it.

One last thing,

Keep your Head High and Never Let that Hope Die.

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