weight loss obsessed generation

Weight Loss Obsessed Generation

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The generation that’s created the problem is now trying to solve it.

Between binge-eating and starving themselves skinny, millennials have set grounds for an entirely new approach to dieting. For most Millennials, their physical body is suffering the cost of their intellectual striving and career upraise, and all that is creating a very uncomfortable atmosphere that ends up being focused on constant attempts to lose weight – not as means to a goal but rather – a whole new lifestyle.

The inevitable argument that is to be linked with Millennials’ approach to everything that has to do with physical body – from their obsession with the way they look, what they eat, and how many hours a week they exercise, to what they wear and how fashionably they present themselves to the world –  is that, as a generation that was set out to fight the system and change the social dialogue from the get go, they were caught in the midst of everything they were burdened with. While, on the one hand, Millennials are individuals with a strong power for action and a mind that wouldn’t be compromised for anything, on the other – they’re just humans and, despite wanting it – they can’t do it all.

losing weight lifestyle
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How’s Losing Weight a Lifestyle?

It is no secret that irregular diet and unhealthy nutrition followed by hours at your desk and close to zero physical activity result in obesity; to Millennials, unfortunately, this lifestyle is a constant, bringing them over the edge.

Committed, focused and alert to everything that has to do with their careers thriving, Millennials are known to be the best employees and entrepreneurs who always go an extra mile to make things happen. This, by default, results in them spending hours on end at the office, eating irregularly, not being physically active and jeopardizing their health in the process.

Luckily, Millennials have noticed the danger before the matter became chronic.

In a drive not to let their health take toll due to the office success, Millennials have embraced dieting and working out as a way of life, not a means to lose the weight. For this reason, unlike any other generation before, Millennials are non-stop about (healthy) food, working out and a commitment to a healthy lifestyle. They’ve even turned slimming body shapers and gym wear into fashionable clothing, just so they could efficiently combine their enthusiasm for office success with their gusto for health and lean physique.

Change in body image
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Have They Caused a Change in the Body Image?

We could argue they have; naturally, the Millennial lifestyle is just a shell gathering all other developing things in the world, the body image included.

Truth is, with the body image in focus, a worrisome increase in bulimia, anorexia and obesity has taken a stride, and the generation that’s created the problem is now trying to solve it.

More than ever we are talking about a body positivity (regardless the size), moving beyond superficialities and embracing healthy figures rather than sizes. Further, the dialogue on issues is open, which is adding to a decrease in the problem and an active call for action.

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How Committed Are Millennials?

Very. Most of Millennials you meet are religiously running, boxing, working out at the gym five times a week, doing yoga or any other sport they find fitting to their needs and lifestyle.

And if they can’t make it to the gym? They’ve come up with a solution for that, too. “Millennials who don’t belong to a gym are using technology to help improve their exercise at home and outdoors, personalizing each workout to fit their busy schedules and unique goals”.

They’re no strangers to waking up at 4 AM or 5 AM just so they could squeeze in a workout in their overbooked schedule.

A generation to take a hint from, definitely.

obsession to stay fit

In This Obsession to Stay Fit, Are Millennials Eating at All?

They absolutely are. In fact, their commitment to healthy lifestyle has brought about (their) proportional interest in food; some are even calling them “Yum Generation” or “Foodie Generation” as they’ve popularized wining and dining so much that they’ve turned it into a social media norm through Instagram posts and other social media platforms. They still love their food, but they’re sticking to healthy choices.


Multiple studies conducted on the shift in lifestyles and Millennials’ impact on that change by Shape have pointed out:

“Our body weight is impacted by our lifestyle and environment, including things the fact that previous generations didn’t have to deal with (at least as much) like medication use, environmental pollutants, genetics, timing of food intake, stress, gut bacteria, and even nighttime light exposure.”

For this precise reason, Millennials are on a rescue mission; no, not weight loss per se – but a healthy body image, really. By talking about body issues and taking action, they’re trying to solve them in the process.

We should all hop on board.

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