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Is Sapiosexuality the New Trend?

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“The sexiest thing in the whole world is being really smart, and being thoughtful, and being generous. Everything else is crap! I promise you. It’s just crap that people try to sell to you to make you feel like less. So don’t buy it.”

You know what goes good with intelligent people? Intelligent people – the term we are looking at is “sapiosexuality”, which has not been recognized by reputable dictionaries yet. But the Urban Dictionary defines a “sapiosexual” as somebody who finds intelligence and the human mind to be the most attractive feature in the opposite sex. The origin comes from the word sapiens, which means wise or judicious.

Sparing the etymology, I came across this phrase – “Intelligence is the new sexy” which has become very hip. I choose to disagree. I think “Intelligence is the oldest charmer in the book of evolution”.

intelligence is the oldest

Let us try to understand how. You are in a room where you find yourself looking at a group of your friends discussing the next awaited chick-flick and another group (again your friends) engaged in an intellectual discourse (probably about the sci-fi movie that changed the perception of millions). Would you settle for pretty people talking about sweet, lovely, careless things or get yourself a good dose of what the next sci-fi miracle can do?

As a sapiosexual myself, there is hardly any contemplation on whom and what will I choose. A lot of people, sapiosexual or not, will follow suit. My point is sapiosexuality is not a novelty; it is rather very common to see people pick intelligence over sweet, lovely, careless things. People, for years, have been discussing a nameless (now a thing of the past), yet obvious, phenomenon of getting attracted to whip-smart people.

how to know sapiosexual

How do you know whether or not you’re a sapiosexual? Here is a checklist:

1. Your idea of a great date is to go around roaming the stacks of local bookstores and libraries. According to popular belief, a man who reads – novels, newspapers, whatever his area if interest is – is a man who will never run out of things to say.

2. A grammatically correct text from him/her soothes your grammar-nazi-self.

3. You witness yourself laughing on perfectly timed witty jokes (that sadly only a handful understand).

4. You know that “smart” encompasses not just “book-smart” but a lot of other things in its vicinity.

5. You choose silence over small talk. It does not necessarily mean that you are out of topics but that you want to be with yourself for a while.

Until next time.

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3 thoughts on “Is Sapiosexuality the New Trend?

  1. I agree to every word you have stated, But i feel that this is a good trend. Being a woman my self, i have many of my friends who dont look very well But possess exceptional qualities & knowledge. They often feel jealoused when the most attractive boy goes to the girl who just has the most expensive dressing and blessed fairness. So the trend is good. What are your views on it?
    By the way Great read!
    Thanks for providing good read.

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