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8 Sunday Habits to Develop for a Productive Week

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It’s a weekday, again. The alarm clock rings, giving the most unpleasant and unwelcomed sound which signifies the end of the probable best part of the day: sleeping.

The bed is embracing and too comfy to get up. Every possible excuse of not starting the day yet, flows to the mind. When nothing works out, the only option is to muster up all the strength and drag the body and mind out of the bed. The entire world around suddenly seems awry. Only brushing the teeth takes out all the energy.

The day finally starts with regrets, stresses, downsides, and then failures, all of that affecting the work negatively throughout the day.

Sounds very familiar? I bet it does.

Weekdays, especially Mondays, are destined to be dreadful. But, we can’t change that. It’s not humanely possible to wake up on normal, routine weekdays with a smiling face. However, what we can do is lessen the blues and make the week productive after a nice refreshing weekend, with a few practices to be adopted for SUNDAYS!

1. Make a to-do list for the week

to do list for the week
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Make prioritized lists of all your tasks for the week. That will help in organization, productivity and motivation. We all have those million things to do throughout the week which might escape our gold-fish minds. Hence, noting down a few, important ones for the week, before the start of it, can come very handy. It might get a bit messy at first, but the good news is that it saves a big chunk of time later on.

2. Eat the right food

eat healthy food

Of course you spent the Fridays and Saturdays eating all the yummy, rich, heavy food and alcohol. Now, having the same type of indulgent food can make the Monday stress worse. It will drown you in a food coma and leave you sluggish the coming Monday morning. So, make sure not to be lured only to regret later, and hence eat the right food!
Yes, it does sound like an uphill struggle, but trust me; you’ll feel all great and fresh throughout the week.

3. Be grateful

be grateful

Spend time with loved ones, be gentler to yourself, do something you love. You feel good; it makes you bounce back, increases your energy levels, betters your health, and improves sleep. It has emotional, social, career, health and personality. It has all the benefits you could have never imagined.
As I have mentioned in one of my previous article, make a gratitude journal, sit down every day, for five minutes, and make a note of different three things you are grateful for. This increases your long term well-being by more than ten percent according to studies.

4. Get some exercise

get some exercise

Get some decent amount of physical exercise on Sunday night. It will help you to soak in more information, work more efficiently, be more productive and get you a better sleep to wake up fresh on the next Monday morning which is essential for a great start. It also helps us keep away depression and distractions while we chore for the week.

5. Spend some quality ‘me’ time

quality me time
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It doesn’t only mean to spend time doing nothing or rewarding yourself, but also sitting in silence and setting yourself up for what you want. Revise the short-term and long-term goals that you have, note them down and remind yourself how badly you want them. Also make sure that you are doing the things needed for you to reach there. This will ensure motivation throughout the tedious process of the whole week. The more motivated you are for achieving your goals, the less chance of you giving up on them.

6. Tidy up

tidy up
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Having papers, gadgets, wires and every possible thing that should have been inside or arranged is a normal sight, that isn’t going to go well. Disorganized surroundings can be one the biggest hindrances to productivity. It costs you time and money. Clean your room, desk and your surroundings. This will help your mind to stay on the track and not get distracted.

7. Sort the things needed

sort the things needed

Running last-minute errands is definitely erratic. It diverts you off track and can also tire you. Therefore, make a list of all the things you might need during the week and get them arranged. Buy them right at that Sunday free time if you don’t have them. This will save a lot of disturbance, time and effort!

8. Sleep on time

sleep on time
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Obviously, staying up late, watching your favorite movie or show when you don’t have any work to do can be very tempting. But then you’ll have to pay a heavy price for it. It will lead to a vicious cycle of ‘being tired’ throughout due to lack of sleep. So lastly, make sure you sleep on time! It’s very important!

Following these ways will surely attract miracles! And things exercising, eating healthy, sleeping on time, should also be followed on weekdays and not merely on Sundays to ensure more efficiency; as they say, ‘The more the better.’

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4 thoughts on “8 Sunday Habits to Develop for a Productive Week

  1. Well, the point quality me time doesn’t actually attract me that much because Sunday is the only day when you can actually chill out with your friends. So how can you justify that? or how can one balance that?

    1. Well I agree. Spending time with friends is important (which I have mentioned in point 3.) But, what I mean to say is spending time with yourself is equally important. One has to have a balance of both for a productive week because being grateful and revising your goals is equally important.

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