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Razer’s Project Fiona – Specs and Review

Razer’s Project Fiona also known as “Razer Edge”, World’s first tablet specifically for PC gaming. It means that you have got the power and performance you need to be able to run PC games , with core titles like Space marines , Hawx2 , FireFall , Company Heros.

What Razer has done here is essentially taken a high performing PC and packed it in to a tablet form factor and adding the controls to the side which gives you the ability to play all the hard core PC games. This is a windows based system. So you are looking at a typical Windows Operating system with Razer Software Running on top of it, which allow you to interface with the games. It gives a great PC gaming experience using a tablet. Various controls on the device are configurable. Appropriate level of CPU and GPU powered by Intel which gives the horsepower that is needed for high end PC gaming.


Looks familiar to other windows tablets , but thicker and heavier than most of them. It is 2.1 pounds, adding gaming pad increases additional 2 pounds, 0.75 inches width. Razer did a great job in designing the tablet as even after several hours of playing you do not feel any hot air being bombarded on you. It consists of USB 3.0 port, Volume Up Down, Orientation Lock, Keyboard button and power button. Built Quality is exceptionally good and it feels like a premium product.


Packing a lot of power underneath the performance meets the expectations. Works just as you would want it to. Purely premium and smooth working. Even better than other consoles. The controls are just like Xbox and Play Station but it will take a bit to get used to the controls. Battery runs about 4 hours and with the extended gamepad batter it extends an hour.

This product has two models:

  1. Razer Edge
    – Price $999.99
    – 6 GB of Ram
    – 64 GB SSD
    – Nvidia 640m LE 1 GB DDR3
  2.  Razer Edge Pro
    – i7 Dual core
    – 8 GB of ram
    – 128/256 GB SSD
    – Nvidia 640m LE 2 GB DDR3


  1. PC functionality : This tablet gives full PC functionality you can just attach keyboard and display and BAM there you have a full functionality PC.
  2. Good gaming performance: You can play all games with relatively high quality with pretty decent frame rate.
  3. Great expandibilty : This tablet has great expandibility options. You can attach any keyboard any mouse. If you get the dock you can hook it up to any display.
  4. Better Graphics: Better Graphics than Xbox and Play station 3.


  1. Screen: Just 1366×768.
  2. Heavy and Thicker than most other tablet available in the market.
  3. Ethernet and SD card slot missing.
  4. Expensive accessories 350 $.
  5. Game pad and Dock not included.

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